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Pet Proofing & Deterrents for Dogs

Are you finding paw prints where they shouldn’t be? Customize a safe, pet-friendly space.

SSSCAT® Automatic Spray Pet Deterrent

SSSCAT® Automatic Spray Pet Deterrent


    Automatically teach them boundaries

    Keep them safe and away from counters, trash and more

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    TrainingBark ControlTraining CollarsObedience Training ToolsPet Proofing & DeterrentsHouse TrainingNo-Pull TrainingCollars, Batteries & Accessories

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    0 Results

    TrainingBark ControlTraining CollarsObedience Training Tools

    Pet Proofing & Deterrents

    House TrainingNo-Pull TrainingCollars, Batteries & Accessories

    0 Results

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    Training Pathways

    Your family’s needs and your dog’s personality are like no other. With over 25 years of experience, we’re here to help you find the right solution for your pet.

    Happy Tales

    Great for Garden Diggers

    This thing is amazing! If you have a garden then this is perfect to keep your fur baby out of it. Since using this my dog has stayed away from our garden..he doesn't even go near it which surprised me! Now that I have it he can play more outside with me being inside.

    Danny D.Troutman, NC

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    The dog trained himself!

    We've been using the PetSafe Indoor Barrier System for a few weeks. It works exactly as advertised and our dog basically trained himself!

    Jan KTallahassee, FL

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    Worked Instantly

    I purchased this mat to keep my girlfriends dog off the couch while we were away during the day and couldn't be happier with the results. Once it was in place we left our apartment but watched through our dog cam as he took his last leap onto the couch. Now we don't have to worry about dog hair or dirty paws on the furniture!

    Ryan CHouston, TX

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