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ScatMat® Indoor Pet Training Mats

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LCD display

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Easily train your dog or cat to stay out of places their paws shouldn't be

Teach your best friend to be on their best behavior with the PetSafe® ScatMat® Indoor Pet Training Mat. With this training mat you can quickly and safely teach your cat or dog off limits areas in your home. Place the mat on your kitchen counter, on the sofa, or in front of the Christmas tree to keep curious pets away. The mat uses a battery-operated controller featuring an LCD display. The LCD display shows the battery level, correction level and a counter so you can see how many times your pet steps on the mat. It’s easy to adjust the correction level of the training mat depending on your pet’s needs. The 7 correction modes allow you to set the correction to tone only, 3 levels of static only or 3 levels of static plus tone. When your pet steps on the mat they will feel a safe yet startling correction. The mat has a safety timeout feature, so if your pet keeps their paws on the mat for more than 8 seconds, the mat will stop correcting your pet before repeating the cycle. The ScatMat® training mat is available in 5 different sizes so you can choose the best size for the area in your home you want to protect. With a little time and training, your pet will learn to stay out of trouble. Trust PetSafe® to keep your pet healthy, safe and happy.


  • LCD Display - LCD display shows the correction level, battery level and a counter to show how many times your pet steps on the mat
  • Easy to Use - Place ScatMat® on countertops, on the sofa, in doorways and near trash cans to teach curious dogs and cats which areas of your home are off-limits
  • 7 Correction Modes - Multiple correction levels allow you to set the training mat to tone only correction, low, medium or high static correction with or without tone
  • Training Tool - When your pet steps on the mat, they will feel a safe yet startling correction that discourages them from entering the off-limits area
  • Safety Timeout - If your pet stays on the mat for more than 8 seconds the mat times out for 4 seconds; if your pet stays on the mat after that period of time, the correction will resume
  • Threshold Strip - Narrow training mat measures 46 in L X 3 in W so you can easily place it on windowsills or on narrow furniture -- for doorway barriers between rooms, choose a wider size
  • Battery-Operated Controller - Controller easily attaches to the training mat using 2 hooks and 2 snap fasteners; controller requires 1, 9-Volt battery (battery not included)
  • Easy to Clean - When it’s time to clean your mat, remove the controller and wipe the mat with a damp cloth

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What's included

  • Translucent training mat
  • Battery-operated controller
  • Quick start guide

Mat Sizing Chart

Size Dimensions Sample Pet-Free Zones
Sofa 60" x 12" Couches, large furniture, car hoods
Curved 50" x 12" Corners, stairs, trashcans, Christmas trees
Large 48" x 20" Furniture, doorways, closets
Medium 30" x 16" Small areas, corners, furniture
Strip 46" x 3" Counters, ledges, windowsills


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