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SSSCAT® Refill Can


Spray Count

Up to 120 bursts of spray



Compatible With

All SSSCAT® systems

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Stay stocked and ready with the SSSCAT® Refill Can

Always have an extra SSSCAT® Refill Can on hand to ensure your pets stay away from off-limit areas in your home. Swapping out the refill can in your SSSCAT® Automatic Spray Pet Deterrent is easier than ever and each can comes with up to 120 sprays that’ll help guide your pet away from unwanted areas.

Place your SSSCAT spray holder anywhere you want to keep curious paws away. When your pet comes within 3 feet, SSSCAT will emit a quick and scent-free spray to teach them they’re approaching an off-limits area. The spray is safe for pets and doesn’t leave residue, so feel free to place it practically anywhere indoors. Have the first generation of SSSCAT? Don’t worry! These newer refill cans also work with the first-generation SSSCAT spray head.

Your pet deserves the best. Trust PetSafe® to keep your pets healthy, safe and happy!

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