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Our Purpose

Unleash a lifetime of joy for pets & their families

A 25 Year Legacy of Joy

In 1998, we founded PetSafe based on a simple truth: safe and healthy pets make for happy pets and happy pet families. Ever since, we’ve been growing and innovating non-stop to deliver life-changing products and experiences to a global community of pet parents. Our products bring a lifetime of joy to pets and the people who love them.​

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Keeping Pets Healthy, Safe, and Happy​

Fields of Joy

We're on a mission to create fields of joy everywhere you look - places and spaces where pets are happy, healthy and safe - whether that is in a backyard, a playing field or dog park.

dog running with ball and happy

We’re taking our iconic dog park contest – formerly Bark for Your Park™ – to the next level with PetSafe® Unleashed! See how you can enter to win!

PetSafe Unleashed

In 2023, we’ve partnered with our local pro soccer club, One Knox SC, to promote pet adoption and get people and pets together in the outdoors.​

dog running with ball and happy