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Easy Walk® Harness, No Pull Dog Harness

Easy Walk® Harness, No Pull Dog Harness


    Take back control

    Stop pulling, start walking. Designed by a veterinarian behaviorist and recommended by trainers.

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    Happy Tales

    Completely changed my dog!

    This product was absolutely the best purchase I have made for my highly energized dog. He constantly would pull while I walked him and leap toward passing cars. After the first time wearing this harness, he completely changed. I have tried many different types of harness and collars to correct his pulling and none worked. This product has completely changed my dog and allowed me to actually enjoy our walks and hikes. My seven year old can actually walk him too, which has been such a treat! I highly recommend!!!

    LexiFairfax, VA

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    Relieved so much stress and anxiety

    Words cannot express how happy I am with this collar! It has relieved so much stress and anxiety that I have experienced from day one with my dog. She has injured me so many times chasing after anything that moved and just generally pulling so hard when I tried to walk her. I stopped our walks eventually because I couldn't stand it anymore, which really disappointed me. Now, I want to go on walks several times a day! It's a miracle and it has changed my life.

    Kristie Devost United States

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    Great fit on a small dog

    Best harness that I've ever owned! I've had it for three months now and there’s not the least bit of stretching. It's durable, fits perfectly, it's attractive and I like the reflective feature. I wasn't sure about the handle feature but found it to be the perfect solution to helping my girl down high curbs and when I need to change the direction that she's walking. I'd recommend this harness without reservations and would definitely purchase it again.

    Marsha JUnited States

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