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Happy Tales

Easiest install ever

I've had this installed now for a little over a week and this has got to be the easiest dog door I have ever installed. No holes to cut, no tools needed unless you want to permanently install it, which I did not. It's spring-loaded at the top so it just slides right in and right back out. It’s well made and seems like it will last!

Mily G.Seattle, WA

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My dogs are so happy

My two doggies are constantly wanting to run in and out of the house which requires me to constantly let them in and out. The only access to my backyard is through a sliding glass door, so I didn’t think a doggy door was an option. But now I know it is! This doggy door fits right into the track and has locks on both sides for safety. Super easy to install!

Bonnie C. Miami, FL

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Nothing bad to say about this door

I installed the sliding glass pet door easily, and fits perfectly. I have the large dog door which fits dogs up to 100lbs, is energy efficient and perfect if you ever plan on moving or are renting. It doesn't do any damage to the sliding door and is pretty easy to move. It came with weather stripping and everything you need to install and so far I’ve had no issues!

Crystal C. Norman, OK

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