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SmartDoor™ Connected Pet Door

SmartDoor™ Connected Pet Door

  • My PetSafe® App Connected Pet Door
  • Selective Entry & Exit

$349.95 - $449.95

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Extreme Weather Aluminum Pet Door™

Extreme Weather Aluminum Pet Door™

    $149.95 - $224.95

    Explore the freedom and convenience of PetSafe's range of pet doors, designed to fit the diverse needs of your furry friends. From our standard pet door options to the advanced security of automatic pet doors and electronic pet doors, we offer solutions that make pet care easier. Each product, crafted with precision and care, ensures safety and ease of use, integrating seamlessly into your home. Discover innovative options like our microchip pet doors that offer enhanced security and selective entry. Whether you need a simple exterior door solution or a specialized setup for sliding glass pet doors, PetSafe provides a variety of installations to meet your specific needs.


    Is it safe to have a pet door?

    Yes, pet doors are safe. PetSafe pet doors are designed with security of your home and the safety of your pet in mind. Features such as automatic locks and selective entry allow you to tailor your door type and function to match your security needs.

    How long does it take to install a pet door?

    The installation time for a pet door can vary depending on the type and location. Generally, a basic pet door installation in a door takes about an hour. Installations in walls or special locations like sliding glass doors may require more time and possibly professional assistance.

    Can a pet door be installed in a wall?

    Yes, a pet door can be installed in a wall. PetSafe offers specific models designed for wall entry, which can be a great solution for homes where door installation is not feasible.

    How do automatic pet doors work?

    Automatic pet doors operate by recognizing a signal from a device on your pet's collar. When your pet approaches the door, the door automatically opens or unlocks, allowing for easy entry or exit, then securely locks after they pass through.

    What is a microchip pet door?

    A microchip pet door functions by reading your pet's microchip ID, which is registered to the door's system. This type of door provides security by allowing entry only to pets whose microchips have been programmed into the door's memory.

    Do pet doors let cold air in?

    Modern pet doors are designed to minimize air leakage. High-quality doors like those offered by PetSafe are built with weather sealing and insulation technologies to help maintain your home's temperature control.

    Can pet doors be locked?

    Yes, pet doors can be locked. PetSafe pet doors come with various locking features to ensure that you can secure the door whenever necessary, providing flexibility and peace of mind. Some doors, like our SmartDoor Connected, even allow you to lock and unlock remotely from your phone, adding an extra level of convenience and control for pet owners.