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GPS Fences for Dogs

Introducing Guardian® GPS - the newest GPS pet fence with the world's most reliable GPS fence technology

FencingWireless Pet FencesIn-Ground Pet FencesGPS Pet FencesCollars, Batteries & Accessories

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FencingWireless Pet FencesIn-Ground Pet Fences

GPS Pet Fences

Collars, Batteries & Accessories

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Explore why PetSafe Guardian is the only GPS fence you can trust

Guardian® GPSHalo®

Accurate to within 4 ft on average*

❌ (can vary up to 50ft)

Lowest risk of your dog being randomly corrected while inside the fence*

Additional built-in protection for stubborn dogs

Up to 3 days of battery life on a single charge

Millions of pets protected by brand

Two Dog Cost



*Based on testing at sites with various yard conditions