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GPS Fences for Dogs

The world's safest GPS fences, powered by AccuGuard™ technology. For yards 3/4 acre or larger.

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Guardian® GPS + Tracking Dog Fence Collar

Guardian® GPS + Tracking Dog Fence Collar

  • Real-time tracking, anywhere, anytime
  • Save up to 20 virtual fences


GPS Dog Fences

Discover the ultimate solution in pet containment and safety with the Guardian® GPS + Tracking Dog Fence Collar. Engineered using the groundbreaking AccuGuard™ Technology, this device represents the pinnacle of GPS dog fences, offering precision and reliability unparalleled in the market. Ideal for securing your furry friend both at home and on-the-go, our GPS dog fences allow you to create custom boundaries and monitor your pet’s location in real-time. Keep your pet safe and explore freely with the world’s safest GPS dog fence, trusted by over 11 million dog owners worldwide. Learn more about the Guardian® GPS + Tracking Dog Fence Collar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are GPS dog fences worth it?

Yes, GPS dog fences are a valuable investment for dog owners seeking flexibility and safety in pet containment. Unlike traditional fences, GPS dog fences do not require physical barriers, making them ideal for varying landscapes and rental properties. They provide a secure way to monitor your dog’s location and ensure they stay within designated boundaries, whether at home or on the move.

Do GPS dog fences require a subscription?

Most advanced GPS dog fences, including some models from PetSafe, require a subscription to access full tracking features. These subscriptions often cover the cost of cellular data used to communicate the dog’s location to your mobile device. While there is an ongoing cost, the benefit of being able to track your pet in real time often outweighs this expense.

What is the best satellite dog fence?

The best satellite dog fence offers a combination of reliability, accuracy, and ease of use. Products like the Guardian® GPS + Tracking Dog Fence Collar are highly recommended due to their use of advanced technology such as AccuGuard™. This technology ensures precision to within a few feet, making it an excellent choice for keeping your dog safe in diverse environments.