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November 2, 2021

The 16 Best Gifts for Dogs and the People Who Love Them

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If you or someone you know has a pup in their life, you also know that giving the best dog toys and gifts can be a big hit because it makes them both happy! That’s why we put together this list of dog gifts to help you with your holiday shopping. So, whether you’re looking for the perfect present for a longtime dog parent or gifts for new dog owners, you’ve come to the right place to make it the best holiday ever for them all!

Gifts for more freedom in their yard

Stay & Play Compact Wireless Fence

dogs in yard

Dog fences are wonderful gifts that let pups safely enjoy their yard, and the Stay & Play Compact Wireless Fence is quick and easy to set up. Its compact transmitter won’t take a lot of space, and there are no wires to bury. Just plug in the transmitter indoors and set up your new wireless fence in about 1-2 hours. The circular, wireless boundary adjusts to fit yards up to 3/4-acre, and since this fence is wireless, you can take it with you on vacations, camping trips or wherever you and your pup go.

Gifts for better walks

Easy® Walk Harness

The Easy Walk® Harness helps dogs and dog parents enjoy easier, more relaxed walks without pulling or tugging. With its patented Martingale loop and front chest leash attachment, the harness minimizes your dog’s pulling by gently steering him in the direction you are headed. The harness is designed to rest across your dog’s chest instead of his throat, keeping your dog from gagging and choking. The Easy Walk® Harness comes in a variety of colors and designs so you can choose the perfect look for your next walk.

Gifts for better hydration

Drinkwell® 1 Gallon Fountain and Drinkwell® 2 Gallon Fountain

dog and 2 gallon fountain

Did you know that your pet needs 1 ounce of water per 1 pound they weigh every day? Regardless of the size of your pet’s thirst, the Drinkwell® 1 Gallon Fountain and Drinkwell® 2 Gallon fountain are both excellent ways to encourage your pets to drink more water.

Both 1 and 2 gallon fountains give pets a choice of drinking from the bowl or the adjustable free-falling stream, so even timid pets will feel comfortable drinking from their new fountain. In addition, both fountains use dual-filtration technology to remove pet hair, debris, bad tastes and odors to keep water fresh.

Gifts that feed dogs on time

Smart Feed Automatic Feeder

Thanks to the Smart Feed Automatic Feeder, you can feed your pup anywhere from your smartphone, so you'll never be late for mealtimes again. You can even use an Amazon Echo device to ask Alexa to give your pup a snack! In addition, the feeder comes with a low food sensor to notify your phone when running low on kibble, and you can even set the feeder to reorder food through Amazon Dash.

The Automatic 2 Meal Pet Feeder

dog and 2 meal pet feeder

Whether you’re at work or just trying to sleep in, The Automatic 2 Meal Pet Feeder is a simple solution to keeping small to medium-sized dogs on a consistent schedule with consistent portions. Setting a feeding time is easy; just turn the dial timers to schedule 2 mealtimes in ½-hour increments up to 24 hours in advance. In addition, the feeder is also an easy way to surprise your dog with a scheduled treat – which will certainly make his day better!

Gifts for interactive playtime

Automatic Ball Launcher

There’s nothing like interactive dog toys to keep your pup busy. If your dog loves to play fetch, the PetSafe® Automatic Ball Launcher is the ultimate dog toy to keep him busy. The water-resistant launcher has built-in safety features to keep both people and pets safe during indoor or outdoor play. The launcher sends standard-sized tennis balls between 8-30 feet and up to a 45-degree angle. So, if your dog likes to fetch – this is the toy that will keep him coming back for more.

Kibble Chase™ Roaming Treat Dropper

dog and kibble chase toy

Dogs love treats, and they enjoy chasing toys. The Kibble Chase™ Roaming Treat Dropper lets them do both. Just load it with up to half a cup of kibble, turn it on and watch your dog have the time of his life. The toy works by rolling in random directions while dispensing treats; it also has durable rubber wheels that roll quietly on most indoor surfaces. If your dog eats too fast, the Kibble Chase™ can also act as a slow feeder that holds up to half a cup of kibble.

Gifts for dogs who love to chew

Busy Buddy® Toys are one of the favorite toys to keep dogs busy because they combine tasty treats to engage your pup for hours. These are perfect dog toys for puppies and tough chewers because they’re made from durable, non-toxic nylon and rubber. They’re also easy to clean by placing them on the top shelf of your dishwasher. Lastly, Busy Buddy® Toys promote good dental hygiene with textured surfaces to help clean your dog’s teeth and stimulate gums.

The Busy Buddy Chompin’ Chicken

The Busy Buddy® Chompin’ Chicken is a chicken-scented drumstick-shaped chew toy that lets you dial up the flavor with treat rings you can add by unscrewing the end. For extra tastiness, you can push more treat rings through the grooves of the drumstick to keep your dog entertained even longer. Want to boost the flavor even more? Just smear nut butter or doggie toothpaste in the outside grooves.

The Busy Buddy Cravin’ Corncob

dog and corncob toy

The Busy Buddy® Cravin’ Corncob is a butter-scented corn-shaped dog toy that you can add up to 2 treat rings by unscrewing the ends of the corncob and sliding them on. It also acts like a toothbrush with built-in bristles that help clean teeth and stimulate gums. For double the fun, you can smear nut butter or doggie toothpaste on the corn kernels to keep your dog entertained even longer.

The Busy Buddy Slab o’ Sirloin

You know your dog wants a steak for the holidays. Now you can give him one with the beef-scented Busy Buddy® Slab o’ Sirloin. This steak does not come with a side of salad; it has treats! You can add up to 2 treat rings to the Busy Buddy® Slab o’ Sirloin in the refillable SnapFit™ treat-holding cups. To boost the flavor, you can smear nut butter (or even doggie toothpaste) in the grooves on the back of the sirloin to keep your dog entertained even longer.

The Frosty Cone

dog and frosty cone toy

There’s never a bad time for ice cream cones, and the vanilla-scented Frosty Cone is designed with dogs in mind. Just fill and freeze with dog-safe foods like nut butter, broth, meats and veggies. You can also fill it with your dog’s wet food for a slow feed option he can savor, making this a holiday treat that’s good for him too.

Gifts for more cuddle time

CozyUp® Folding Pet Steps

With CozyUp® Folding Pet Steps, your pup can always be by your side for more snuggles. Whether you're trying to protect their joints, or your dog isn't tall enough to get on the sofa or bed, these steps will give your dog the freedom to get on and off furniture on their own.

In addition, the steps are lightweight, so they're easy to move, making it possible for more snuggles around your home during the holidays and beyond.

dog and pet steps ramp

PetSafe® CozyUp™ Steps & Ramp Combo instantly transforms from steps to a ramp and adjusts from 16 - 20 inches high for multiple uses to keep your best friend by your side. You can use it as stairs by your bed during the night, then transition it to a ramp for your sofa during the day. In addition, the Steps & Ramp Combo comes with heavy-duty carpet for sure footing, can support pets up to 200 pounds and fold flat for easy storage.

Gifts for unlimited potty breaks

Extreme Weather Aluminum Pet Door™

dog and extreme weather sliding glass pet door

Give your buddy the freedom to go outside without letting in the winter chill or sweltering heat with the PetSafe® Extreme Weather Aluminum Pet Door™. It comes with 3 insulating flaps to block up to 3 times more thermal energy than standard pet doors, and the flaps have a magnetic seal to prevent drafts. The Extreme Weather Aluminum Pet Door™ fits most exterior wood, paneled, PVC and metal doors and is an easy DIY project to install.

Extreme Weather Sliding Glass Pet Door™

Another way to give your dog unlimited potty breaks while keeping cold and hot weather out is with the Extreme Weather Sliding Glass Pet Door. This is our most energy-efficient pet door choice for sliding glass pet doors. Available in 2 sizes, this pet door is an excellent option if you live in an apartment or rental home because it quickly installs without cutting or drilling. This pet door is also portable so that it can move with you and your pup.

Now that you've had a chance to discover the best gifts for dog owners and their pets, it will be easy to get tails wagging for the holidays. If you also have a cat or know a cat parent, be sure to check out our Top 25 Unique, Awesome & Cool Gifts for Cats and their People blog, and you can also take a look at more cool cat gifts here. Finally, if you’re gift shopping for both dogs and cats, be sure to check out these holiday gifts for pets. Now you’ll have plenty of great gift ideas for the pets in your life and are ready to make it the best holiday ever!

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