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May 1, 2024

PetSafe® Expert

Rob Hunter

The Best GPS Dog Fence: Guardian® GPS + Tracking

Give your dog the world with the world’s safest GPS fence

Our dogs mean the world to us… and now, we can give the world to them! The new Guardian® GPS + Tracking Dog Fence from PetSafe® is the best GPS dog fence for anyone who wants to keep their dog safe at home or on the go. This revolutionary app-connected GPS pet fence collar combines unbeatable GPS fence protection with reliable real-time tracking to ensure that you can know your dog is safe and monitor their precise location anytime, anywhere.

For over 25 years, PetSafe has been making yards around the world safer for more than 11 million dogs with pioneering innovations in In-Ground™ and Wireless fencing technology. Now, for the first time ever, not only you can protect your dog in your yard, but you can also bring PetSafe’s legendary protection everywhere you go!

Features and Benefits of the Guardian GPS + Tracking Dog Fence

What Guardian® GPS + Tracking can do

Guardian® GPS + Tracking will make safe, off-leash outdoor activity a part of everyday life for your dog. Here is a quick overview of what you can do with this GPS fence:

  • Easily design a custom fence boundary for your yard by drawing it on the map screen in the app (minimum size: ¾ acre).
  • Create additional custom fences anywhere you want, (store up to 20 total!), from a friend’s yard to the campground, the beach and beyond.
  • Track your dog’s live, real-time location on the map screen in the app, so you always know exactly where your dog is.
  • Protect unlimited dogs in the app (each dog gets their own Guardian® GPS + Tracking collar and subscription).
  • Adjust GPS collar settings to match each dog’s personality with a combination of tone and vibration or adjustable static options.
  • Receive personalized notifications via the app regarding your dog’s activity, fence and collar settings, and more.
dog with ecollar in yarddog with ecollar in yard

What sets the Guardian® GPS + Tracking dog fence apart

Guardian® GPS + Tracking is the world’s safest GPS fence! Here are some of the features that make it the best GPS dog fence you can get for your pup:

  • AccuGuard™ technology, the most accurate GPS fence tech in the world, provides industry-best protection.
  • The Guardian® GPS + Tracking subscription plan enables you to track and protect wherever life takes you, no wi-fi or base unit needed.
  • Custom fence boundaries with up to 32 fence posts let you precisely tailor the size and shape of your dog’s protected areas.
  • The adjustable, rechargeable, waterproof GPS collar is designed to keep your dog safe and comfortable in the outdoors, even swimming.
  • The My PetSafe® mobile app gives you instant access to your dog’s real-time location info and the ability to create and store custom fences.
dog gps ecollardog gps ecollar

When seconds count, accuracy is everything

A GPS fence boundary is often the line separating your dog from danger, like the risk of getting lost or entering a busy road. GPS signals alone can sometimes be affected by obstacles like trees, heavy clouds or tall buildings. If a GPS dog fence is late reminding your dog or tries to correct your dog when they’re not close to the boundary, your dog can get lost or worse. These kinds of risk are unacceptable. That’s why our engineers spent years developing the world’s most accurate GPS fence technology.

The world’s most accurate GPS fence technology

Why is Guardian® GPS + Tracking the safest GPS dog fence? The secret is in our patented AccuGuard™ technology! This tech uses AI to combine GPS satellite signal data with real-time motion-detection information from the collar to provide unbeatable boundary protection that’s accurate, consistent and reliable. AccuGuard™ enables Guardian® GPS fences to actually predict when a dog is approaching the fence boundary, so it can remind your dog to turn back toward safety at the right moment. Here are some of the benefits you’ll get, thanks to AccuGuard™, that other GPS fences can’t offer:

  • Fewer false corrections: because Guardian® GPS + Tracking provides such accurate responses, it nearly eliminates the risk of your dog being corrected by the collar while inside the boundary, a common concern with other GPS fences.
  • Extra protection for escape artists: for some stubborn or curious dogs may be tempted to ignore reminders and keep moving past the boundary, Guardian® GPS + Tracking provides additional layers of correction to ensure dogs aren’t lingering or testing the fence boundary.
  • Corrections when and where they’re needed: Guardian® GPS uses AccuGuard™ tech to combine multiple real-time data points and calculate your dog’s next move, enabling the fence to issue corrections at precisely the right moment to keep your dog inside the boundary where they’re safe and sound.
  • Superior protection in tree cover: unlike other GPS collars that will lose signal and stop working if your dog is in the woods, AccuGuard™ boosts the Guardian® GPS + Tracking Dog Fence’s ability to continue protecting your dog, even in an area with lots of trees overhead.
dogs wearing gps fence collardogs wearing gps fence collar

Precision real-time tracking everywhere you go

In addition to AccuGuard™ boundary protection at home and on the go, Guardian® GPS + Tracking offers a brand-new benefit that’s truly a gamechanger when it comes to portability and peace of mind: live location tracking in the app! Here’s some of what you can do with the + Tracking feature:

  • See your dog’s real-time location on the map, in the app, at any time they’re wearing the collar in your yard or away from home.
  • Keep an eye on where your dog (or dogs) during off-leash outdoor adventures such as camping, hiking or on trips to the beach.
  • Receive push notifications in the event that your dog tries to leave their fence boundary; you can personalize these alerts in the app.
family and pet in yardfamily and pet in yard

Why Choose Guardian GPS Over Other Fence Types?

When deciding what kind of fence to use to protect your dog, it’s important to consider what’s right for you, your dog, and your home. There are many reasons why a Guardian® GPS + Tracking Dog Fence can be the superior choice over a traditional physical fence, or another electronic pet fence type like in-ground or circular wireless.

Physical fences: expensive, intrusive and permanent

Traditional physical fences, like wood, vinyl, aluminum, etc., have a variety of limitations that Guardian® GPS + Tracking can overcome:

  • Expensive: building a physical fence on your property is not cheap, usually pricing into the $1000s or even $10,000s if you have a large yard; for multiple acres, a physical fence can be simply too pricy for many households. Guardian® GPS + Tracking provides similar protection for a fraction of the price – and you get more, with on-the-go fences and tracking features!
  • Intrusive: a physical fence can take weeks or months to install, meaning your yard is not useable and construction personnel and equipment may be scattered around your property for a season; not to mention that fences can be a real eyesore, blocking your view, and your dog’s view, of the world outside. A Guardian® GPS + Tracking can be set up from your phone in one day, and it creates a reliable virtual boundary that’s completely invisible!
  • Permanent: A physical fence is a permanent installation that you can’t take with you when you move; and of course, if you rent a house, condo or apartment, building a fence is not an option at all! With Guardian® GPS + Tracking, you can create new boundaries anywhere, meaning at your apartment, at your friend’s home, wherever you go! And if you move, you can simply delete the old boundaries from the app and create new ones.
dog wearing fence collardog wearing fence collar

In-ground and circular wireless fences depends on yard and lifestyle

While in-ground and circular wireless pet fences can be ideal choices for certain situations, they each have limitations that Guardian® GPS + Tracking can overcome:

  • In-ground fences are a permanent installation that requires you to bury wire in your yard; this can be great if you own your home and you’re only looking for a fence that will keep your dog in your yard, but if you are a renter, you plan on moving soon, and/or you want to be able to create fences in places other than your yard while monitoring your dog’s location, Guardian® GPS + Tracking can be a much more suitable choice.
  • Wireless fences like Stay & Play® are a great, simple solution if you have a yard smaller than ¾ acre and your yard layout will accommodate a circular play area for your dog; but if you have a big yard over ¾ acre, and you want to be able to customize the shape of your boundary without burying wire, Guardian® GPS gives you that complete customization in a wireless solution that is also completely portable.
dog and family gpsdog and family gps

Who Should Choose the Guardian GPS Dog Fence?

  • Tech-savvy pet parents interested in spoiling their dogs with the latest and greatest innovations
  • New pet parents seeking a reliable way to keep their dog safe and secure
  • Families in search of a flexible fence option that fits a busy, on-the-go lifestyle
  • Travelers who bring their dog along for trips and adventures
  • Anyone who wants their dog to discover the joy of safe, off-leash fun in the outdoors
dog running outsidedog running outside

Why the Guardian GPS + Tracking Dog Fence is Your Best Choice

If you’re looking for a GPS fence for your dog, look no further than Guardian® GPS + Tracking! When it comes to keeping your dog safe with GPS technology, there’s no better option out there. If you’re interested in keeping track of your dog’s whereabouts at home and on-the-go, Guardian® GPS + Tracking has you and your pup covered as well. Remember, when seconds count, accuracy is everything – so don’t settle for anything less than the most accurate GPS fence tech to protect what matters most. Trust Guardian® GPS + Tracking from PetSafe® to protect and track your dog anywhere, anytime.

Written by

Rob Hunter

Rob Hunter

PetSafe® Brand Copywriter

PetSafe® Expert

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