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May 2, 2024

PetSafe® Expert

Rob Hunter

What is the most reliable GPS fence technology for your dog?

As a pet parent, keeping your dog safe is your #1 priority. With thousands of dogs being lost or injured in the road every year, a fence can mean the difference between life and death for your beloved pup. When it comes to GPS fences, consistency and accuracy are two critical factors that contribute to reliability. At PetSafe®, we know you need a GPS fence you can trust with your dog’s life – and you shouldn’t settle for anything less.

That’s why we set out to create the world’s most reliable GPS fence technology: AccuGuard™, now available in the Guardian® GPS + Tracking Dog Fence. Read on to discover just what makes our AccuGuard™ tech the one to trust when it matters most.

pet parent and dog in park with petsafe gps collarpet parent and dog in park with petsafe gps collar

How GPS fences work

Before we dig into the features of Guardian® GPS + Tracking with AccuGuard™ technology, let’s talk about some characteristics all GPS fences have in common.

GPS: Global Positioning System

GPS refers to any system that uses multiple satellites to identify a specific location on the earth’s surface. You’re probably familiar with “dropping a pin” or planning a trip in a map app on your phone. Most GPS fences work in a similar basic way, but instead of identifying the position of your phone, the GPS fence identifies the position of your dog via a collar, with a boundary line being established based on a series of virtual “posts” that are similar to dropped “pins.”

All GPS fences use satellites from within the same “constellations” in the sky, meaning a fence from one brand may be using the same satellites as a fence from another.

Factors affecting GPS signals

All GPS fences are somewhat limited in their precision, and for this reason it’s best to use them in larger yards (¾ acre+). Since a GPS fence requires communication between a collar or base unit and a series of satellites orbiting the earth, traditional GPS fences can be affected by any structures or conditions that obstruct a direct “line of sight” to the sky overhead. Satellite signals can be disrupted or blocked by a variety of situations, such as:

  • dense tree canopy
  • tall buildings
  • heavy rain
  • cloud cover
  • nearby mountains
  • when a satellite dips below the horizon

Challenges for GPS fences

Obviously, loss of satellite connection can pose a serious risk if a GPS fence depends solely on satellite signals to ensure your dog stays within the boundary. A GPS fence that relies on satellite signals alone can be a risky choice when it comes to keeping your dog safely in your yard.

For us, this risk is unacceptable – that’s why the PetSafe engineers invented AccuGuard™: an all-new, patented technology aimed at overcoming the risks and shortcomings of traditional GPS fences, to ensure a consistent, reliable boundary and a safer yard for your dog.

family and dogs playing in parkfamily and dogs playing in park

Why choose the Guardian® GPS Fence?

Our patented AccuGuard™ technology is only available in PetSafe® Guardian® GPS Fences. Here’s what makes it the GPS fence to trust with your dog’s safety.

Real-time movement detection

Rather than depending on satellite signals alone, AccuGuard™ tech blends information from satellites with movement data as your dog travels within your yard. Many times each second, the fence system performs advanced calculations based on these data to accurately predict where your dog is and where he’s going next, offsetting effects that weather or other factors might have on satellite signals alone.

Consistent boundaries

You may have heard of other GPS fences with shifting or unpredictable boundaries. Since a GPS fence works by correcting a dog if he tries to cross the boundary, it’s critical that the boundaries remain as close to the same place as possible – not to mention the risks of a shifting boundary bringing a dog closer to the road.

This is where AccuGuard™ provides a major advantage: because it can accurately predict when your dog is approaching the boundary, the fence can provide consistent correction when needed to help your dog know when he’s about to leave the safe area you’ve defined.

Effective training and a safer yard

Consistency is important for any training. With a GPS fence, your dog learns the boundary through a training process. Over time, training is reinforced when your dog is corrected if he tries to cross, reminding your dog to stay within the boundary. “False” corrections are when a dog gets corrected at the wrong time, when he’s not close to the boundary. This can result in an inefficient and confusing training experience for the dog.

One of the most important benefits of AccuGuard™ tech is fewer false corrections – meaning your dog typically will only get a correction when he actually tries to cross the boundary. That can mean faster, more successful training so your dog can get to playing confidently in no time!

If you’re looking for a customizable, connected GPS fence you can trust to protect your pup, look no further than the PetSafe® Guardian® GPS + Tracking Dog Fence. You can enjoy peace of mind while your dog enjoys a lifetime of fun in a secure, custom yard and beyond!

Written by

Rob Hunter

Rob Hunter

PetSafe® Brand Copywriter

PetSafe® Expert

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