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December 10, 2020

PetSafe® Expert

Rob Hunter

Adopted a New Cat? Here’s a Checklist for All the Essentials

Adopting a new cat is the beginning of a life-long friendship.  You want the best for your new family member, but what does a new adopted cat need? PetSafe® is here to help you make the most of each day together.

Keep her fed on time every day

Exploring a new home requires extra energy! Fuel the fun with an automatic 5 Meal Feeder and schedule up to five meals ahead of time. On busy days, a Smart Feed lets you manage her meals from anywhere using your smartphone.

cat and feeder

Keep fresh water flowing         

It's a fact that adequate hydration is critical to your new friend's health. A compact Butterfly Fountain lets you choose trickling streams or a peaceful bubbling flow. A Drinkwell® Stainless Multi-Pet Pet Fountain is easy to clean and offers options for 1-5 free-falling water streams to entice your new cat (or cats!) to drink more often.

Keep her instincts engaged      

When you adopt a new cat, you're bringing a pint-sized hunter into your home. Interactive electronic toys like the Peek-a-Bird™ are perfect for tapping into her natural instincts for hours of fun. The Dancing Dot™ hangs from a doorknob or sits on a counter to send an irresistible laser dot scurrying around the room. Toys like the Egg-Cersizer™ are doubly enticing as they combine tasty kibble or treats with play time.

cat and laser toy

Keep her out of trouble

Cats are notoriously curious. To keep her safely off the counter, couch or curtains, the SSSCAT® Spray Pet Deterrent uses a harmless puff of air to deter her from off-limits places. For more mischievous kitties, a ScatMat® uses a harmless static correction to teach safe boundaries.

Keep the litter box fresh          

Litter box duty is a necessary part of cat parenthood. Thankfully, the ScoopFree® Self-Cleaning Litter Box is here to save the day! Crystal litter absorbs odors and automatic cleaning  means you never have to pick up a scoop. For kitties who prefer more privacy, a covered version is available. A convenient Crystal Litter Tray 3-Pack can last three months in a one-cat household.

cat and litter box

Keep critters out while she explores    

Your new cat will be excited to see the world outside your door. A Microchip Cat Door responds to her microchip’s unique code, locking all other four-legged visitors out so only she can come in and out.

cat and cat door

Keep her safe in the yard         

Let your new cat explore your yard without the fear of her wandering off. A In-Ground Cat Fence™ will keep her safely within a boundary you set up and out of traffic or the neighbor's lawn.

Keep her by your side outdoors

Many new cat owners are surprised to learn how much fun a cat can have on leash-walking adventures! A Come-with-Me-Kitty™ Harness is specially designed for comfort and safety as you venture out together.

Keep her safe in the car

For a trip to the vet or an afternoon joyride, a Booster Seat provides a window seat in the car, with a safety tether that attaches to your cat's harness for a secure trip.

Keep on snuggling       

At the end of a long day of fun, there's nothing better than a peacefully purring cat in your lap. Folding Pet Steps offer easy access to the coziest spots in your home so you can share the furniture - and the love.

At PetSafe®, we're constantly innovating to help you keep your pet happy, safe and healthy. Visit us at to learn more about how, together, we can give your new cat a perfect forever home.

Written by

Rob Hunter

Rob Hunter

PetSafe® Brand Copywriter

PetSafe® Expert

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