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Hands-free playtime to keep them on their toe beans

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Goodbye scoop, hello clean

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Happy Tales

Both Cats Love It!

My cats don't usually take to toys, yet both immediately took to this one. They each took a side and watched intently, occasionally taking a swipe or trading places. They use it several times a day, and it's a great distraction when needed.

Molly L.Manteca, CA

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My cats LOVE this!!!

I swear, the second I turn this on they both come running from wherever they have been napping or hanging out. It is absolutely their favorite toy. They get a ton of exercise, and it keeps them entertained while I'm trying to work during the day.

Jess B.Royal Oak, MI

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Cat loves it!!!

This is a really great interactive toy. Catching flies and playing with this toy has kept my one-year-old cat so busy this summer. He loves the feather coming from both sides. It has been a couple of months and still going strong.

BrittanyCleveland, OH

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