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ScoopFree® Natural Litter Reusable Tray



Compatible Litter Box

ScoopFree® Crystal Litter Boxes


Antimicrobial protection


Durable plastic tray with stainless-steel magnets


1 bag of Premium Natural Litter (4.2 lb)

Natural Benefit

No chemicals, additives, or dyes

Litter Benefit

Low tracking, absorbs liquid, dries waste

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Reduce, reuse, and reuse again

Looking for an eco-friendly way for your cat to take care of business? Make the switch to our new all-natural non-clumping litter with the ScoopFree® Natural Reusable Litter Tray! With this tray, you can use your ScoopFree Crystal Litter Box with either natural litter or crystal – a win-win for your cat. Each tray comes with a perfectly measured bag of ScoopFree® Natural Litter, eliminating the guesswork and mess of measuring.


  • Reusable tray adapts your ScoopFree Crystal Litter Box to work with ScoopFree Premium Natural Cat Litter
  • Comes with 1 bag of Premium Natural Litter (4.2 lb)
  • Durable plastic tray has smooth, rounded edges to prevent litter buildup
  • Built-in antimicrobial protection helps reduce odors and promote a healthy space for your cat
  • Stainless-steel magnets on the waste compartment lock odors away
  • Does not void the warranty of your ScoopFree Crystal Self-Cleaning Litter Box

These natural pebbles are derived from 100% naturally occurring minerals that instantly work to absorb moisture and dry out waste. They outlast and outperform traditional clumping clay litter, providing 21+ days of superior odor control with no additives! No odors. No chemicals. No compromise.

This durable plastic tray was designed with easy maintenance and cleanup in mind. The smooth and rounded corners prevent buildup from getting stuck. The ScoopFree Natural Litter Reusable Tray features built-in antimicrobial protection to keep odors at bay and to maintain a healthier space for your pet! When your cat leaves the litter box, your ScoopFree will sweep through the natural litter, shifting waste into a concealed compartment.

Your cat deserves the best. Trust PetSafe to keep your cat healthy, safe and happy.

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