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ScoopFree® Premium Natural Cat Litter 4.2-lb Bag, 2-pack





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100% natural cat litter meets 100% convenience

No odors. No chemicals. No compromise. ScoopFree® Premium Natural Cat Litter delivers superior odor control for up to 21 days per bag without a single additive. Our natural, non-clumping pebbles are free from chemicals, fragrances and dyes, yet they outlast and outperform traditional clumping clay litters. Every 4.2-lb bag is precisely measured and optimized so you can simply tear and pour it directly into your ScoopFree Crystal Litter Box. Experience the difference nature can make and grab your 2-pack today!


  • Includes 2 pre-portioned bags of non-clumping natural cat litter ready for use
  • Absorbs moisture and dries waste, offering up to 21 days of superior odor control per bag in single-cat households
  • Made of 100% naturally occurring minerals, sourced in the USA
  • No chemicals, additives, fragrances or dyes
  • Uses 5x less litter than clumping clay litter
  • Compatible with any litter box or pan, but optimized for ScoopFree Crystal Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes
  • Low tracking for less mess and easy cleaning

Naturally superior – Up to 21 days of odor control per bag

That’s 3 weeks of not having to worry about the smell of your cat’s litter box. Our non-clumping natural pebbles quickly work to absorb moisture and dry out waste, providing superior odor control over traditional clay litter. Plus, they’re low-tracking for less mess and easier cleanup!

Eco-friendly litter that’s safe for your cat and family

ScoopFree Natural Litter is made of a mineral blend derived from fossilized algae. That means there’s just one ingredient in our litter, and it comes directly from the planet you walk on every day. It’s safe for you, your home and your cat with no chemicals, additives, dyes or fragrances.

Works with any litter box, optimized for ScoopFree

We know changing your cat’s routine can lead to a lot of headaches, so we designed ScoopFree Natural Litter to be compatible with any litter box! While it’s best optimized to work with our ScoopFree Crystal Self-Cleaning Litter Box, you can use it in traditional litter pans as well. Since it’s non-clumping, it’ll use 5x less litter than clumping clay litter. Simply tear open the pre-portioned bag and pour it in your litter box and you’re good to go for weeks on end.

Your cat deserves the best. Trust PetSafe to keep your cat healthy, safe and happy.

    What's included

    • 2 bags of ScoopFree Premium Natural Cat Litter (4.2 lb each)


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