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Ion-X™ Pet Fountain Filters, 4-Pack



Carbon & Ion-Exchange



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Dual filtration keeps your fountain cleaner and fresher for longer

The Ion-X™ Pet Fountain Filters are designed to ensure your pet's water remains clean and fresh, contributing to their overall health and happiness. The unique dual filtration system combines the power of activated carbon and ion-exchange filters. The filter, featuring both a carbon and ion-exchange resin, removes any bad tastes and odors while keeping the water soft to help prevent mineral buildup. These filters are specifically designed for the PetSafe® Outlast™ Cat Fountain and Viva™ Pet Fountains, providing a perfect fit and ease of maintenance. With a simple replacement process, these filters are designed for convenience and effectiveness.

Your pet deserves the freshest water possible. Trust PetSafe® to keep your pet healthy, safe and happy.


  • 4-pack replacement filter compatible with PetSafe® Outlast™ Pet Fountain and Viva™ Pet Fountains
  • Each filter lasts 2 to 4 weeks, giving you up to a 4-month supply of filters in total
  • Activated carbon removes bad tastes and odors while ion-exchange filter keeps water soft and fresh
  • BPA-free plastic pre-filter helps trap pet hair and larger debris keeping the water clean
    for your pet
  • Only filter brand guaranteed to fit the PetSafe® Outlast Pet Fountains and Viva™ Pet Fountains

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