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Outlast™ Cat Fountain, 60 oz



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The world’s first pumpless cat fountain

Step into the era of pump-free pet hydration with the PetSafe® Outlast™ 60 oz Pumpless Cat Fountain. This state-of-the-art fountain ushers in a new standard with its HydroSpin™ technology, eliminating the need for traditional pumps and the hassles that come with them. Experience the difference with water that flows freely, enticing your cat to drink more and stay hydrated. Our advanced filtration ensures that each sip is as fresh as the last, promoting optimal health and well-being. Choose the Outlast Pumpless Fountain, where innovative design meets pet health today!


  • A groundbreaking cat drinking fountain with a unique pump-free design for uninterrupted water flow
  • HydroSpin™ technology with a patented cone mechanism, cycling 60 oz of water into your cat’s drinking bowl
  • Easy to assemble, dishwasher-safe, and pump-free, ensuring more quality time with your pet
  • Designed for longevity with fewer moving parts and a motor protected from water and debris
  • Ion-X™ Pet Fountain Filters soften and improve the taste of your cat’s water, encouraging healthy hydration
  • Smart, quiet motor with sensors that regulate water flow, automatically shutting off at low levels for an extended motor life
  • LED indicators let you know when water is low and when to change the filter

The water fountain for cats that’s built to last

Outlast’s HydroSpin™ technology features a unique cone mechanism that circulates 60 oz of water into your cat’s drinking bowl, all without a submersible pump. The motor is built with premium stainless-steel ball bearings and sits away from water, meaning it never needs cleaning. To extend the life of the motor, Outlast automatically slows the water flow at night and shuts off when water levels are too low.

Double filtration keeps water fresh

Cats are naturally attracted to drink from flowing water. While HydroSpin keeps the water flowing, the included Ion-X™ Filter keeps it tasting fresh. The activated-carbon portion of the filter catches debris, keeping your cat’s water fresh while the ion-exchange resin keeps it soft. The combination of our Ion-X™ Filter and HydroSpin tech removes stagnation, helping prevent bacterial growth.

Less time cleaning, more time cuddling

Sure, we’re obsessed with pets. But we’re also obsessed with making your life easier. Traditional pump-driven fountains are tedious to clean and might be the biggest hang-up of pet parenthood. That’s why we eliminated the submersible pump, making this the easiest cat fountain to clean on the market. Plus, with dishwasher-safe parts, upkeep is as simple as enjoy, clean and repeat.

Your cat deserves the best. Trust PetSafe® to keep your cat hydrated, healthy and happy.

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