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Every dog, family, and home is unique. That's why we’ve invested over 25 years in creating and testing the most trusted fencing solutions.

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The GPS Lead, Shapeable Boundary for Larger Properties

Guardian® GPS Connected Customizable Fence

Guardian® GPS Connected Customizable Fence


    Hear from some of the 11 million pet parents who use PetSafe fences

    "It's given our dog his freedom back"

    Thank you for a product that has given our dog his freedom back! We have a 4 year old lab who just recently started running. We tried one of the wireless systems, which worked, but the area was so small for him. He is now able to safely roam a MUCH larger area. The GPS allows you to set the exact area you want them to have access to. It’s not just a big circle, or rectangle, you can literally set the boundary in any shape imaginable as long as the boundary comes together.


    GPS Guardian
    dog in yarddog in yard
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    "Great for our fence jumper"

    We have a dog that likes to jump our fence. We just installed the PetSafe Classic In-Ground Fence two feet from our existing fence to keep him away from our fence. Works perfect. Very easy to install. The hardest park is digging for the wire to go in the ground.


    Classic In-Ground Fence
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    We live one block off of a major Hwy. We have a large puppy, who could easily run up to the Hwy. We feel much safer with the wireless fence to keep him in his yard. It is easy to set up, and once you show the dog the perimeter, and he knows the beep warning, he obeys it immediately. It also keeps him from running out to greet neighbors when they are walking by. It is the perfect set up.

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    Compact Wireless Fence
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