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July 20, 2014

PetSafe® Expert

Stacie Greene

The World According to Cooper: Humans Can be Hard to Train!

By Stacie Greene, Supply Chain Cost Manager

CooperHello everyone, I need to get some stuff off my chest, so this month I’m going to use my blog to clear my mind. I think that I have made it perfectly clear over the years how much I love my mom. She really is great. She knows me like the back of her hand. She knows when I want cookies, or to play or to go outside or when I just need a good belly rub and a nap.

With respect to those things I have trained her well. I’ve also trained my human co-workers well too when it comes to scratching my ears or giving me cookies. So with respect to things like cookies and love, humans can be really easy to train. 

As much as I love humans, this is where you all fall short. We dogs live in the moment. We are generally happy-go-lucky individuals that take every experience of every day as a gift.

Lately, it feels like all my mom does is work. She’s always on the go, always thinking about what is next on the to-do list, where we need to be, what needs to get done, how long it will take, what comes after that, and after that and, and, and…. I’m exhausted just telling you about it, much less having to live with it and keep up with it.

If that is not bad enough, if she thinks that she has neglected me and I’ve not gotten enough play time then she starts to worry and we start a whole new frenzy of activity. I am trying everything that I know how to do to get my mom to live in the moment, to find joy in the small things. I am not making the kind of progress that I did in training her to rub my belly. Humans seem to be good with routine tasks, but letting go of your worries is not something that you excel at.

So here are my words of wisdom for all of my human readers out there, your furry children already know this. Life is short, none of us will ever know how short. Dogs know this from the beginning, which is why we treasure every moment and every experience. We see things for what they are and appreciate every moment that we spend with the people that we love.

So slow down and live in the moment with your furry child. Watch and learn, we have things to teach you that will make your life fuller. Wow, I feel much better after getting that off my chest. Thanks for reading!

Written by

Stacie Greene

Stacie Greene

PetSafe® Supply Chain Specialist

PetSafe® Expert

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