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August 24, 2014

PetSafe® Expert

Stacie Greene

The World According to Cooper: Happy, Smiling Dogs

If You’re Happy and You Know It Wag Your Tail... cooper

Thanks to everyone for all of the great comments about my blog last month. I just love to know it when you enjoy what I write. I am happy to report that training my mom is getting easier. She has started to pay attention to the fact that we need some spontaneous fun in our lives.

Did you know that dogs are empathetic to our humans? I am serious. It is not something that is automatic. I just learned about it six or eight months ago. When my mom yawns, for some strange reason so do I. If we are in one of our staring games and she licks her lips, so do I. It is so weird. I have also noticed that this goes the other way too. When I yawn, my mom usually does as well.

I have a theory that this does not just happen with yawns. You see, when I smile, my mom and others smile as well. I have a trick that I do, I try and talk but only when I have a tennis ball in my mouth. You see, I have to be careful and not break the number one rule in the canine world to never let humans know that we can talk, so I only try when I have a tennis ball in my mouth. People always smile when I try and talk with that tennis ball in my mouth.

I catch my mom smiling when I smile at her or when I wag my tail. It is just the easiest thing in the world to do, making someone smile with something so easy as a tail wag or a trick with a tennis ball.

There doesn’t seem to be enough happiness in the human world. Dogs are always happy, well, almost always. We can spread a lot of happiness to our humans if you just pay a little bit of attention. In turn, when one human smiles at another, that too spreads happiness. You see, it is in these small ways that we can all work together to make a happier world. That is the primary goal of the dog world.

So after you read this, try it. Let a wagging tail bring a smile to your face and pass that smile on to someone else. See if after a few weeks of letting your furry best friend increase the happiness level in your life if the happiness level in those around doesn’t increase as well. Please let me know how our experiment in happiness is going. I know the Jedi Puppy Mind Tricks that I have been playing on my mom are working out great!!

“Talk” to you soon. Cooper

Written by

Stacie Greene

Stacie Greene

PetSafe® Supply Chain Specialist

PetSafe® Expert

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