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Preparing Your Home for Guests with Pets

March 15, 2018

PetSafe® Expert

Sandy Robins

Preparing Your Home for Guests with Pets

Guests may be your best friends but your dog may not feel the same way about their canines. So, what do you do if they ask if they can come and stay and bring their pooch too? This is the type of scenario that could ruin a friendship. However, as the incumbent canine, your dog’s feelings need to take preference over your friendship.

It’s best to be upfront and honest; your dog doesn’t like other dogs on his turf. It’s okay to say “no”. But try softening it by asking if they can make an alternative arrangement for their dog, and even have some suggestions on hand such as details of a local doggie hotel close to where you live.

If all else fails and they insist their pooch will be a great house guest, your Plan B to ensure your dog’s nose is not out of joint is to sequester him to a certain section of your home for the duration of the visit.

Make sure he is not inconvenienced by ensuring he has access to his bed and if necessary consider moving his favorite chair from the living room. And, if you dog is a senior be sure to move his steps or ramp so he can still comfortably access his favorite zone. Keep his toys sequestered too and this is the perfect time to treat him to something new that will keep him engaged. Also remove any couch covers such as the Solvit Bolstered Sta-Put Seat Protector so that the visiting pooch doesn’t climb on and leave his scent.

You will also need co-operation from your houseguests to keep their dog out of the way when you are taking your dog outside for a potty break or a walk.

The visit may have to be like a well-choreographed dance but it’s certainly worth it to ensure your dog is not stressed or anxious over the idea of a canine “intruder” on his turf.

Written by

Sandy Robins

Sandy Robins

PetSafe® Expert

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