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cat and litter box
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April 13, 2021

PetSafe® Expert

Rob Hunter

Tips for Keeping Cat Litter From Tracking

Every cat lover has experienced it at some point. You step into a room and feel that familiar crunch underfoot. There’s nothing like getting up in the morning to find your feline friend has tracked cat litter all over the house. It can be frustrating, but it’s something we have to live with as cat people… or is it? At PetSafe, we’ve got some tricks up our sleeves to help keep cat litter off your floors and your mind so you can enjoy more quality time with your cat.

Don’t Overfill the Litter Box With Cat Litter

When it comes to cat litter tracking solutions, sometimes the right answer is the simplest one. Many cat parents tend to overfill their litter boxes. If the litter box has too much cat litter, cats are more likely to spill the litter while burying their business. It also means there will be excess dry litter to stick to her paws.

The next time you change the litter box, try using a little less litter until you start noticing a difference in the litter tracking. Using less litter is a win-win: not only will you reduce cat litter waste, you’ll also save money on the cat litter.

cat and litter box

Keep the Litter Box Clean

Consistently keeping the litter box clean can be easier said than done. Aside from the obvious aromatic benefits to keeping the box tidy, cleaning the litter box regularly can keep your cat from digging in the box or going in the corners where she’s more likely to kick litter over the edge. And if you’re using clumping clay litter, a dirty litter box can become a muddy mess when saturated litter sticks to your cat’s toe beans.

Our solution: let the box do the work for you! The benefits of automatic litter boxes are plentiful, but one of the many joys they provide is that you never have to worry about scooping. A ScoopFree® Self-Cleaning Litter Box with non-clumping crystal litter will keep itself clean to stop litter tracking, prevent odors, and give your cat a consistently fresh space whenever nature calls.

Vacuum or Sweep Frequently

Although it may be tedious, vacuuming or sweeping daily is one of the best ways to stop cat litter tracking. The more litter builds up outside the box, the more frustrated you’ll get, so cleaning up on a regular basis can help you stay ahead of the mess and the headache.

If your cat’s a heavy shedder, you may be chasing her “tumbleweeds” daily anyway, so be sure to check around the litter box if you’ve already got the broom or vacuum in hand.

Try Non-Tracking Cat Litter

As mentioned above, the type of cat litter you’re using may be to blame for tracking in your home. May we recommend a cat litter that doesn’t track? ScoopFree® Crystal Litter resists cat litter tracking and stays in the litter box where it belongs. Non-clumping crystal litter is also unmatched when it comes to odor control and is virtually dust-free, meaning a cleaner home all around for you and your cat.

Use a Cat Litter Mat

Another answer for cat lovers who want to know how to stop litter tracking is to get a litter-grabbing cat litter mat. These mats are designed to protect your floors with waterproof backing and a deeply textured surface that captures stray litter dust and debris as your cat steps out of the litter box.

These durable mats are versatile because they work with any type of litter and are easy to clean – just shake them over a wastebasket or give a quick once-over with a vacuum attachment. You should place a cat litter mat where your cat tends to step when she exits the box, to ensure she wipes her paws each time she goes.

Try a Top Entry Litter Box

For some cats, the instinct to scrape or kick litter at potty time is just too great. We can’t blame them, as it’s natural for cats to kick sand or soil over their scat in the wild. So, if your cat “makes it rain” when she uses the litter box, she’s only doing what comes naturally to her.

To keep cat litter inside the litter box, consider a top-entry litter box. By effectively enclosing the litter box beneath a protective cover, we can keep our kitties from kicking litter all over the place. This has other benefits as well, like helping contain particularly stinky odors and providing your cat some privacy when she goes – something many cats seem to prefer.

Dealing with cat litter tracking is a small price to pay for the love we share with our feline family members, but it’s great to find simple ways to keep the mess off your floor and off your mind. At PetSafe®, we’re always working to provide you with knowledge and tools to keep your pet healthy, safe and happy for a lifetime of love.

Written by

Rob Hunter

Rob Hunter

PetSafe® Brand Copywriter

PetSafe® Expert

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