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April 13, 2021

PetSafe® Expert

Hank Champion

7 Advantages of a Self-Cleaning Litter Box

There are few things cats appreciate more than a litter box that's cleaned daily. Unfortunately for cat parents, life gets in the way, making it easy to forget to clean the litter box every day. This can be frustrating for both cat and cat-parent. Fortunately, self-cleaning litter boxes can help with the dirty work to ensure there’s always a clean place to go potty, keeping both cat and cat lovers happy!

Encourages Litter Box Usage

Cats are all about cleanliness, and nothing makes them want to use their litter box more than having it fresh and clean between uses. If you think cleaning the litter box every few days is ok, put yourself in their paws: Would you like to use a toilet that hasn't been flushed? With a self-cleaning litter box, your cat will always have a fresh litter box that's ready for her.

cat and litter box

Effective Odor Control

It's a no-brainer that keeping a litter box clean helps to control odor. So a self-cleaning litter box that cleans after every use has the edge over conventional litter boxes, and one with a cover is even better. Another way to control odor is through the type of litter that you use. While most people are familiar with traditional clumping litter, crystal litter has 5x times better odor control, is dust-free, and absorbs waste much better.

Easy Set-Up and Maintenance

Preparing most self-cleaning litter boxes for use requires filling them with litter, which can get messy. With a ScoopFree® Self Cleaning litterbox, you insert a litter tray into the box, and it's fresh for weeks. And because the litter is prepackaged in a disposable tray, you simply lift the tray out of the litter box and dispose of it without ever having to scoop or handle cat litter.

Saves Money on Cat Litter

While the upfront expense of a self-cleaning litter box typically costs more than a conventional one, it can save you money in the long run. Self-cleaning litter boxes are designed to get the most out of clean litter without wasting unused litter. So not only do you save on litter, but on fewer trips to the store and less time cleaning the litter box, which gives you more time to enjoy your cat.

Sufficient for Multi-Cat Home

Having more than one cat in your house means more scooping to keep the litter box clean enough so that all your cats will share it. With a self-cleaning litter box, you'll have less to worry about because it will automatically keep things tidy, which means all cats and their parents will live happily together. Of course, with more cats using a single litter box, that means you'll want to either change the litter more often or get multiple litter boxes. Because not all cats are the same, it's worth observing your pets' habits to see what the right solution is for them.

Prevents House Soiling

There are a few reasons why a cat may poop or pee outside their litter box. The reasons can range from health to anxiety, or perhaps the most common cause can be that their litter box is dirty. By providing a self-cleaning litterbox, you can ensure that your cat will always have a clean place to go and not look elsewhere around your home.

Makes Weekend Getaways a Breeze

Wouldn't it be great if there was someone available to clean your cat's litterbox if you wanted to take a weekend trip? With a self-cleaning litter box, that's the last thing you'll have to worry about. Even when cat parents are away, your felines can enjoy having a clean litter box, and you won't have to worry about coming home to any surprises.

Types of Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes to Consider

Depending on your cat's age, health or personality, she may have a preference for a covered litter box and, if so, how she wants to enter it. Fortunately, several self-cleaning litter box options are available, letting pet parents choose the right one for their cat.

Standard Entry

Standard entry automatic litter boxes are the most common and the easiest for cats to enter and exit. They are not covered and are accessible from any side, making them perfect for cats with mobility issues. Standard entry litter boxes are also better for cats that don't feel comfortable taking potty breaks in enclosed spaces.

Front Entry

As the name implies, a front entry automatic litter box is covered with its entry in the front. The litter box cover is perfect for cats that prefer to have privacy while they do their "business." It also helps to keep odor under control. If you have a cat that pushes or kicks litter while covering their "deposit," a box cover will help keep litter in its place. Because the entry is low to the ground and easily accessed, a front entry automatic litter box is a practical solution for cats with mobility issues like arthritis.

Top Entry

While top entry automatic litter boxes aren't for every cat, they certainly have their advantages. Having the entrance on top prevents litter tracking and provides a barrier to contain litter if your cat likes to kick or push it around. Like other covered litter boxes, a top entry helps keep odor under control by keeping it in the box. If your cat is older or has mobility issues, she may find it difficult to enter and exit the box.

With all the benefits and convenience that a self-cleaning litter box offers, there's never been a better time to take advantage. PetSafe makes it easy with a variety of choices and available customer service to answer any questions and help you and your cat find the right self-cleaning litter box.

Written by

Hank Champion

Hank Champion

PetSafe® Brand Copywriter

PetSafe® Expert

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