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Dr. Patrick Mahaney, VMD

Dr. Patrick Mahaney, VMD

Wellness Vet

Dr. Patrick Mahaney is a veterinarian and certified veterinary acupuncturist providing services to Los Angeles-based clients both on a house call and in-clinic basis. Years of clinical experience, including an extensive background in emergency medicine, have provided countless eye opening insights on animals overcoming adversity.

Dr. Mahaney's unique approach integrating eastern and western medical perspectives has evolved into a specialized house call practice, (CPAW), Inc. As his professional purpose has expanded, he discovered a growing need for pet enthusiasts to experience the triumphs and virtues of holistic care. In addition to providing house calls, Dr. Mahaney offers complementary cancer treatments for dogs and cats at the .

Dr. Mahaney's entry into the pet media world began in 2008, when he began blogging my perspective on veterinary medicine and pet health in . His media presence has expanded to multiple formats, including online, print, radio, and television.

In 2011, Dr. Mahaney participated in his first with . Peruvian urban and Amazon Jungle communities were the venues for mobile clinics providing medical and surgical treatments to dogs and cats, most of whom had never experienced any form of wellness care.

With his do-gooder gene activated and the travel bug buzzing, Dr. Mahaney plans more adventures through international philanthropic excursions in the future. As a veterinary insider, he understands the human interest and educational value of exploring the human-animal bond in a variety of media formats.

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