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Happy Tales

Great Car Alternative

PetSafe's Happy Ride Quilted Boosted Seat is a great alternative to a traditional carrier during short and long car trips. The basket itself is cute, soft, and easily breaks down to become flat for simple storage when not in use. I found that my pets enjoyed this basket much more than a traditional carrier. I think it made my pets feel safe and secure during our last car trip.

NeddyCharlotte, NC

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I love this Happy Ride Quilted Booster Seat as much as my fur baby! It keeps her safely secured with its attached clip that attaches to her collar while giving her a boost up so she can look outside! Its cushion is very soft and feels comfortable. It's made with great quality! I'm extremely happy with it!

MaxKansas City, MO

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Pet Booster Seat

This is a really a neat idea for people who like to travel with their pets. It looks extremely comfortable for the pet on those long rides. The fact that it’s washable is a big plus and it’s very easy to put in and take out your car.

SueWestlake, OH

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