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Wire Break Locator


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Save yourself the hassle and easily locate full wire breaks

Finding a break in your pet fence boundary wire is easy with the new PetSafe® Wire Break Locator. This wire break detector helps accurately locate full wire breaks in any in-ground fence system. The wire break transmitter sends two unique tones down each side of your dog fence boundary wire. With the hand-held locator, you not only hear each tone sent by the wire break transmitter, but the red and green lights on the locator allow you to see which tone is being received. Wire breaks in the boundary wire are commonly found where the wire exits the house and enters the ground such as at wire splices, where the wires cross sidewalks or driveways, around landscaping and flower beds or in aerated lawns. When the wire break is located, use one of the included wire nuts and gel-filled capsules to repair the broken wire. We recommend repairing the breaks as you go around the boundary. Trust PetSafe® to help keep your pet healthy, safe and happy.

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Best to Locate Full Wire Breaks

This hand-held locator will help you quickly find full wire breaks in your in-ground fence system. This locator is not designed to detect partial breaks in the wire.

Where Is My Wire Break?

If you’re not sure where to look for the wire break first, here are a few locations where breaks are most commonly found.

  • Where wire crosses your driveway or sidewalk
  • Around landscaping and flower beds
  • In aerated portions of your lawn
  • The spot where wire exits your house and enters the ground
  • Places where you spliced wire together


  • Easily Locate Breaks - Use the PetSafe® Wire Break Locator to find complete breaks in your In-Ground dog fence boundary wire; the Wire Break Locator is not designed to detect partial breaks
  • Advanced Technology - The Wire Break Locator uses dual tone and light indicators to locate wire breaks; the green light indicates a continuous tone and the red light indicates an intermittent tone
  • Included Items - The Wire Break Locator kit includes a locator transmitter and adaptor, expandable locator, 50 ft. of boundary wire, 2 grounding stakes, 2 gel-filled capsules, 2 wire nuts and a manual
  • Adjustable Volume - The locator features an adjustable volume dial to help listen for the dual transmitter tones and pinpoint the wire break; 2 AAA batteries are needed for the locator (not included)
  • Important Information - Both grounding stakes must be used in order to hear the two tones separately; if the ground is dry, then several gallons of water should be poured around the grounding stakes
  • Support for You - For any questions about the Wire Break Locator, call PetSafe® Customer Care Monday through Friday at 1-800-845-3274 or send us an email at
  • Experience - PetSafe® brand has been an industry leading US manufacturer of pet behavior, containment and lifestyle products since 1991, helping millions of people and pets each year

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What's included

  • Locator Transmitter
  • Locator Adapter
  • Expandable Locator
  • 50 ft of Boundary Wire
  • 2 Grounding Stakes
  • 2 Gel-filled Capsules
  • Product manual
  • 2 Wire Connectors


Product Dimensions

18.6 x 6.1 x 2.7 Inches


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