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Viva™ 64 oz Stainless Steel Pet Fountain



Product Care

Top-rack dishwasher safe


64 oz


Ion-X and foam filters

Water Flow

Soft bubbling


Low-water LED

Tray Material

Stainless Steel

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Clean, healthy and convenient

Give your cat a fountain they’ll fall in love with at first sip with the Viva™ Pet Fountain! This cat fountain keeps fresh water flowing around the clock, encouraging your pet to stay hydrated. The dual filtration keeps water tasting great and looking clean, providing an experience that traditional water bowls cannot. Plus, the stainless-steel tray not only adds durability but also promotes hygiene by helping prevent cat acne. Give your furry friend the gift of clean, fresh water with the Viva™ Pet Fountain.


  • 64 oz water capacity is perfect for cats and small dogs
  • Bubbler-style cat fountain keeps fresh water flowing 24/7, encouraging your pet to drink more
  • Rust-resistant, food-grade stainless steel tray provides a more hygienic drinking experience and helps prevent cat acne
  • Ion-X™ and foam filters keep water looking and tasting great while extending the life of your pump
  • Whisper-quiet pet fountain features a low-water LED indicator and automatically shuts off when water is low
  • Easy to assemble and clean – simply handwash the pump and place all other parts in dishwasher on the top rack

The pet fountain advantage: a healthier, cleaner way to hydrate

We all know what a cat’s traditional water bowl can look like after just one day. Viva Pet Fountain has a double filtration system that keeps your cat’s drinking water fresh and clean. Our Ion-X™ Filter removes any bad tastes and smells from the water, while the foam filter traps bigger particles, saving the fountain’s pump and making it last longer. The stainless-steel water tray is resistant to rust and food safe, giving your cat a more sanitary way to drink.

Tapping into a cat’s curiosity

Cats are naturally attracted to flowing water. Our cat fountain mimics this allure, encouraging your pets to drink more and stay hydrated without the unfiltered taste of a traditional water bowl. Viva’s whisper-quiet feature keeps 64 oz. of water flowing to continuously provide a reliable supply of clean water.

Up to 7x cleaning than a traditional bowl

This isn’t just a life-upgrade for your pet. Viva™ Pet Fountains require up to 7 times less cleaning than traditional water bowls! Designed with convenience in mind, our cat fountain provides a continuous flow of water, meaning fewer refills for you. It's a pet water fountain that simplifies your life while catering to your cat's preferences. Cleaning is a breeze, too, with a straightforward design that allows for easy maintenance as needed.

Your pet deserves the best. Trust PetSafe® to keep them hydrated, safe and happy.

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Getting Started



Getting Started

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included

  • 64 oz Viva™ Fountain (stainless steel tray)
  • 1 PetSafe® Ion-X™ Filter (PAC00-17260)
  • 1 foam filter (PAC00-17960)
  • USB power cable
  • Wall adaptor
  • Quick start guide


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