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ScoopFree® SmartSpin™ Self-Cleaning Litter Box



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4X better odor control

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24/7 app monitoring

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All litter types

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Single or multi-cat house

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Ditch the scooper and put a new spin on your litter box

Level up your litter box and tap into your pet’s health with the ScoopFree® SmartSpin™ Self-Cleaning Litter Box. SmartSpin sifts your cat’s clumps and waste into a sealed, deodorized waste bin giving you 4x better odor control vs. traditional litter boxes. The integrated app tracks your cat's weight and litter box usage, providing essential insights into their well-being, so you're always informed about their health. The automatic cleaning gives your cat a fresh bed of their favorite litter every time. Say goodbye to scooping forever and join the millions of pet parents worldwide living a life of ScoopFreedom® today!


  • SmartSpin™ tech senses when your cat has safely exited and quietly sifts away waste into a sealed drawer
  • Offers 4x better odor control compared to traditional litter boxes, featuring a sealed waste drawer and integrated deodorizer
  • PetSafe® SmartSpin™ app gives you real-time health data including weight updates and litter box usage from your phone (available on Google Play Store and App Store)
  • 6-liter waste drawer holds up to 2 weeks of clumps and waste
  • Smooth finish on interior prevents litter from getting caught, ensuring a deeper clean; easy to maintain with simple disassembly, wipe down, and reassembly
  • Ideal for multi-cat households – provides a fresh bed of litter after every use to support multiple cats
  • Easy-to-use control panel provides on-demand cleaning, child lock, weight change detection, waste drawer capacity and more
  • Built with your cat’s safety in mind, just 12 in. from the ground with a cozy design for cats up to 25 lb
  • Compatible with any litter, making it an easy and quick transition for your cat

The automatic litter box that just works – so you don’t have to

With a low-profile design that’s easy for cats of all sizes to get in and out of, it’s no mystery why smart cats choose the ScoopFree® SmartSpin™. After your cat uses the litter box, ScoopFree SmartSpin quietly sifts and disposes of clumps, giving you up to two weeks of hands-free cleaning. The compact, modern design fits seamlessly into any room, providing functionality without sacrificing style.

Peace of mind in the palm of your hand

Never miss a detail with the PetSafe® SmartSpin™ App. Whether you're at home or away, you can monitor your cat's health through weight tracking and litter box usage. Real-time updates and alerts keep you connected to your pet's well-being at your fingertips.

A clean litter box is a happy litter box

We know pet parents are a busy bunch – that’s why we made the ScoopFree SmartSpin so easy to maintain and clean. Every couple of weeks, refill the litter box with your cat’s favorite litter and replace the waste bin drawer with a new liner. For a deeper clean, we’ve designed the interior with a smooth finish that doesn’t have any grooves. That means no litter getting caught in any cracks. Simply disassemble, wipe, reassemble, and you’re good to go!

Join the millions of pet parents who have chosen the ScoopFreedom lifestyle. Upgrade to a ScoopFree SmartSpin today for a breath of fresh air!

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