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Multi-Cat Litter Box


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A box worthy of sharing

Designed for multi-cat families, the Multi-Cat Litter Box is your all-in-one solution that’s large enough for cats to share and easy enough for you to clean.

This litter box for multiple cats comes with an oversized, metal litter scoop. This sturdy, metal scoop can easily rake through bigger messes to make clean up quick. The ergonomically-designed handle helps you maintain a comfortable grip during cleanup. 

The Multi-Cat Litter Box comes with separate, removable compartments for waste and the litter scoop to keep everything organized next to the litter box for convenient cleanup. Line the waste compartment with any standard plastic grocery bag and use the litter scoop to clean up solid waste and save trips to the trash can. The rubber seal on the waste compartment lid means that you won’t have to worry about smelling waste either! The rubber seal traps in odors so they won’t waft where they’re not welcome. If you don’t want to scoop waste directly into the compartment, you can also use the compartment to store extra plastic bags, so your scooping supplies are always right where you need them. Simply lift up on the litter scoop handle when you're ready to clean, without having to touch the waste bin lid. Magnets under the waste bin lid keep it closed until you're ready to scoop.Your cat deserves a clean litter box.

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  • Extra-large litter box is perfect for multi-cat families
  • Large, metal litter scoop quickly scoops waste to help you clean up big messes
  • Works with your cat’s favorite litter such as Premium Crystal Litter or clumping clay litter
  • Removable waste bin has separate compartments for waste and litter scoop storage all-in-one place
  • Use the waste compartment to store solid waste before you toss it in the trash, to hold your plastic bag open while you scoop, or to keep extra plastic bags
  • Rubber seal on the waste compartment lid helps control odors when used to store waste

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's included

  • 1 Multi-Cat Litter Box
  • 1 litter scoop
  • Removable waste bin
  • Waste compartment with lid
  • Litter scoop compartment


Product Dimensions

25.2 x 8.7 x 20.9 Inches


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