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AutoTrainer™ Anti-Bark Treat Dispenser


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The AutoTrainer teaches your dog not to bark by rewarding quiet time. The collar detects when your dog is barking using patented dual-detection technology, so only your dog's barks are recorded by the collar. When your dog isn't barking, he gets rewarded with treats or kibble from the food dispenser. Your dog will quickly learn to stop barking, and you can even track his progress with the bark history display screen. The dispenser spaces out your dog's meal, perfect for dogs who gulp their food or eat too quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have multiple dogs?

Separate the dog who uses the AutoTrainer from other dogs. The system only detects barking from the dog wearing the collar, but any pet with access to the food dispenser can get the food. If you want to use it with multiple dogs, you'll need a separate system for each dog.

Can I use wet food or raw food?

Sorry, the AutoTrainer only works with dry kibble or treats. There's no refrigeration system in the AutoTrainer to keep the food cold during the day.

Can my dog knock it over?

The base has 6 rubber suction feet to attach it to the floor and prevent the unit from moving. The unit also teaches your pet not to paw at the unit with a warning beep if he tries to move the unit.


  • Sleep mode prevents draining the battery during inactivity or when the collar is out of range
  • Spaces out each meal, which aids in digestion and prevents speed eating and gulping
  • View your dog’s bark history by the hour on the display screen
  • Muzzle Detection feature knows when your dog has eaten his reward to continue training

What's included

  • Food/treat dispenser
  • Collar
  • 2 Food disks for small or large kibble/treats
  • Power adaptor


Product Dimensions

13.6 x 9.6 x 9.1 Inches


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