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November 25, 2016

PetSafe® Expert

Justin Young

Top 10 Pet Gift Ideas

Searching for the perfect present for your favorite pet or pet lover this holiday season? Here's our list of top pet gifts recommended for pets and their parents, including everything from solutions for keeping your cat’s litter box clean to teaching your dog how to be a better walking partner. 

Automate Your Litter Box

automatic litterbox

Make every day the most wonderful time of the year with the ScoopFree® Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box, a self-cleaning litter box you simply plug in and leave alone for weeks at a time. The automatic rake system sweeps waste into the covered compartment after your cat uses the litter box. Safety sensors reset the timer if your cat re-enters the box. The disposable litter trays are packed with premium crystal litter that's 5 times more effective at reducing odors than other clay and clumping litters.

Keep Cats Entertained While You’re Away

automatic cat toys

Your cat will go crazy for the PetSafe® Cheese, an automatic peek-a-boo toy. The fun mice pop out of the plastic cheese block to keep cats engaged in play. The unit automatically turns off after 10-15 minutes to save battery life, and the Play While You Are Away mode lets cats play even when you¹re not there.

Keep Dogs Busy Playing

tennis ball launcher

Great for indoor or outdoor play, the Automatic Ball Launcher is the perfect gift for any fetch-crazy dog. The machine launches standard tennis balls 8 - 30 feet. Motion sensors stop the ball launcher if your dog gets too close to the front, and automatic sleep mode ensures dogs get rest between play sessions.

Here's a great stocking stuffer idea. The Busy Buddy® Fun-Durable Toys are perfect for a game of toss and fetch. Fill them up with treats and watch your dog roll the toy around to get the treats to pop out during playtime.

Pre-Schedule Perfectly Portioned Meals

automatic pet feeder

Healthy Pet Simply Feed™ Pet Feeder is a convenient, stress-free way to feed your pet the right portions at the right time for every meal. The fully programmable feeder automatically feeds your pet according to the portion and schedule you set. Schedule up to 12 meals a day with flexible portions from 1/8 cup to 4 cups. Slow Feed mode dispenses meals over a 15-minute period to help prevent bloat and vomiting for pets who eat too fast. 

Give Pets Fresh, Filtered Water

cat fountain

The Current Pet Fountain circulating fountain gives your pet a constant source of fresh, filtered water. The submersible pump constantly circulates the water through the bowl, keeping the water fresh and tasting great. The BPA-free plastic fountain comes apart for easy cleaning by hand or in the dishwasher. 

Give Pets Outdoor Freedom

extreme weather pet door

The perfect door for severe winter weather, the Extreme Weather Pet Door™ system protects your home from extreme temperatures while giving your pet the freedom to come and go. This durable door with a 3-flap system delivers maximum energy efficiency that’s 3½ times higher than standard single-flap pet doors. The paintable plastic frame fits doors 1⅝ inches – 2¼ inches thick and is available in three sizes.

Teach Pets Good House Manners

cat proofing

A Christmas tree adorned with fancy ornaments and surrounded by a bounty of gifts can tempt even the best behaved pets. Help protect your holiday valuables and your pet with ScatMat® Pet Proofing Mats. Place the ScatMat in front of any area you want your pet to avoid. When your pet touches the mat, he'll feel a mild, harmless static pulse, teaching your pet to avoid that area. Keep pets away from furniture, counters, or rooms.

Turn Pets into Perfect Walking Partners

no pull harness

The Bling Easy Walk® Harness is the fun way to teach your diva dog better leash manners. Easy to fit and comfortable to wear, the Bling Easy Walk Harness gently discourages your dog from pulling on the leash. The front-chest leash attachment helps you steer your dog to the side and redirect her attention toward you. The harness removes pressure from your dog's delicate throat and prevents pulling without choking or gagging. Silver quick-release buckles and 4 adjustment points provide maximum comfort and a reliable fit.

Cats and their owners can also enjoy a stroll with the Come With Me Kitty™ Cat Harness and Bungee Leash. The unique bungee leash design flexes with your cat’s movement, while the patented harness design gently applies pressure to the shoulders, not throat, to prevent choking or escaping. Dual adjustment points create a custom, safe fit for your cat and give you safe, gentle control of your cat.

Written by

Justin Young

Justin Young

PetSafe® Marketing Specialist

PetSafe® Expert

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