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September 24, 2014

PetSafe® Expert

Stacie Greene

The World According to Cooper: Going to See Grandma

By Stacie Greene, Supply Chain Cost Manager Since I am an “only child” I am extra special to my grandparents. They don’t have any human grandchildren so they pay a lot of attention to me.

I really love being the center of all of that attention. My grandma forgets things a lot, but she never seems to forget me. I’ve always loved going to see my grandma. She gives great back scratches!

Earlier this year, my grandma moved to a new home. She used to live by herself, but now she lives in a place with a lot of other people close to her own age. She has her own apartment and keeps toys there for me.

My mom worked for months to help my grandma find just the right place and get her moved. I really don’t like change very much, but this has been a really good one. My grandma is really happy in her new home and my mom worries a lot less. Now here is the best part of grandma’s new home. All of the other people that live there LOVE me!! I get so excited when we pull in the parking lot, because I know everyone is going to be soooo excited to see me.

The only way I know how to explain how great this is would be to compare it to how excited your furry children get when you come home from work or well, when you come home from anywhere! That is how excited all of the older people get when they see me. They all just start calling my name. “Cooper, Cooper, Cooper!!!!” “YEAH, Cooper is here!!” I run right up to all of them and wait to have my ears scratched.

They are great, they are all so gentle when they love on me. My mom thinks it is funny because all of the people that live around my grandmother also have problems remembering things, but none of them ever have a problem remembering me. I get so excited to see all of them that mom has to keep my leash on.

Sometimes I forget that not everyone can handle me jumping up in their laps. Mom tells me I have to be careful not to break one of them. I would never ever do anything to hurt anyone. I like them all. I’m not a therapy dog, but I think I bring a lot of happiness to the folks that live at Morning Pointe with my grandmother. Get your parents to take you to see your grandparents.

Just remember that you have to keep your own excitement under control. I love my visits to Morning Pointe and I think everyone there loves my visits too!

Written by

Stacie Greene

Stacie Greene

PetSafe® Supply Chain Specialist

PetSafe® Expert

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