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October 26, 2022

PetSafe® Expert

Hank Champion

The Top 5 Holiday Tech Gifts for Dogs & Dog Lovers

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The holidays aren't just for people – it's a fun time for dogs too, so don't forget to include gifts for your pup as well. With all the choices out there, choosing holiday pet presents for your dog or the dog lovers in your life can be overwhelming, but have no fear. PetSafe® has made it easy to find the perfect gift to help you and your dog have the best holiday ever with our top 5 gifts for dogs.

1. Give Him Fresh Flowing Water

Give your dog better-tasting water with a Drinkwell® ½ Gallon, 1 Gallon or 2 Gallon Fountain. By providing consistently fresh, filtered, flowing water, you'll encourage your dog to drink more for better hydration. Staying hydrated is critical to helping your furry friend have a long, healthy life – which is the best holiday pet gift of all.

2. Give Him Meals On Time, Every Time

Feed your dog on time from anywhere with your smartphone and a Smart Feed Automatic Feeder. Designed for dog lovers on the go, the feeder works with an easy-to-use app for iphone and android. It can even connect with your Amazon Echo device, allowing you to ask Alexa to feed your dog a snack. With a low food sensor, the feeder will send a notification to your phone when it is running low on kibble – so you can pick up more kibble for your pup or automatically order more with Amazon Dash.

3. Give Him Freedom to Play Outside

One of the most important jobs you have as a dog mom or dog dad is ensuring your pup is safe 24/7. With a Stay & Play® Wireless Pet Fence, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your pup will stay safely close to home while he’s enjoying the yard. With no wire to bury and no tools required, this pet fence is the quick and simple way to set up a secure, reliable boundary for your buddy so he can play outdoors off leash all year long.

4. Give Him More Fetch Fun

dog and ball launcher

Like a kid with a new toy, your dog will have a great time playing fetch with the PetSafe® Automatic Ball Launcher. The water-resistant launcher has built-in safety features to keep both people and pups safe during indoor or outdoor play. The launcher sends standard sized tennis balls between 8-30 feet and up to a 45-degree angle. If fetch on demand is your pup's idea of doggie bliss – this is the toy that will keep him coming back for more fun.

5. Give Him a Treat and a Dog Toy

Most dogs can't resist a yummy treat or fun dog toy. Now they can have both with the Kibble Chase™ Roaming Treat Dropper. Just load it with up to half a cup of kibble, turn it on and watch your dog have the time of his life. This automatic dog toy works by rolling in random directions while dispensing treats, making it irresistible for dogs to ignore. It's the perfect combination of two things dogs enjoy – playing and treats.

Nothing gets your dog's tail wagging like gifts under the Christmas tree. From stocking stuffers to life-changing tech, we’ve got holiday gift options for every dog lover! If you’re a cat lover too, we have also picked out our top gifts for cats. Make this the best holiday ever for you and your pet with a little help from PetSafe®.

Written by

Hank Champion

Hank Champion

PetSafe® Brand Copywriter

PetSafe® Expert

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