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Going to Grandma's House

March 21, 2018

PetSafe® Expert

Sandy Robins

Going to Grandma’s House

Lots of pets have a second home if their pet parents travel a lot and can’t always take them along.

It’s really a good idea to kit out grandma’s house with many of the products and accessories that you have in your own home. – a real home-away-from-home. This will help your dog settle in easily and, simultaneously, it will make it easy for doggie grandparents to cope with their granddog.

Start with a duplicate bed as well as food and water bowls. If your dog is used to a drinking fountain and an automated feeder for his kibble, be sure to replicate them too.

If your dog is used to snoozing on the couch and Grandma doesn’t want her upholstery ruined, then double up on a couch protector as well as a ramp or set of stairs to access this favorite place if your dog is used to such furniture aids at home.

Don’t forget to accessorize Grandma’s car too so that they can go places such as a car restraint like the crash-tested Deluxe Car Safety Harness, available in all sizes, or a doggie booster seat such as the Solvit Deluxe Tagalong Pet Booster Seat if your pooch is under 30 lbs and likes to look out of the window.

Always take along your pooch’s favorite comfort toy or blanket – dogs are no different to small children in this respect. However, it’s not necessary to stock up a toy box; Grandma will have a lot of fun doing that herself!

Written by

Sandy Robins

Sandy Robins

PetSafe® Expert

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