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DIY Pet Halloween Costumes

October 29, 2016

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DIY Pet Halloween Costumes

By Erin Pratt, PetSafe Marketing Intern

Why not employ your creativity this Halloween season and make your pet's costume? Use these DIY tips to get started.

It’s almost time for Halloween festivities to begin, which means pet parents everywhere are searching high and low for the perfect costume. Unfortunately, so many overspend on costumes that lack originality. So, what’s the solution to making your pet part of the holiday and not overspending? Get those creative juices flowing and make a costume for your pet.

A do-it-yourself costume will probably cost about half of what you would spend elsewhere, and it will be original and unique to your pet. So many Halloweens, I have dressed up my Jack Russell Terriers in expensive costumes that were never quite as cute as I imagined. I’m sure you can relate. Why buy a costume for your pet when you could make one cuter and cheaper?

When using a t-shirt as the base of your pet’s costume, cut the t-shirt down the front and cut to fit your pet’s underside (the décor will be on the top/back and sides). Dogs are usually most narrow right below their ribcages, so the t-shirt will most likely have to go in at that point. Then, attach Velcro to both sides of the underside of the fabric so that the Velcro will enclose the sides of the t-shirts to fit your pet. Here are some costume ideas that could be easy to create:

pets halloweenLadybug

Use a red t-shirt, then super glue black felt spots and wings to the shirt. Red tulle attached to an elastic band would also look great. Wrap black elastic around your pet's head and attach black pipe cleaners to create antennae.

Super Dog

Use a blue t-shirt and attach fabric around the collar to create a cape for your pet. Design an emblem out of felt and glue to the back of the t-shirt. Or ditch the cape and make a custom bandana instead for a costume that's even easier and won't trip your pet up.


Start with a black t-shirt and glue 4 black pipe cleaners on both sides of the t-shirt. Make it even scarier by gluing a piece of red felt in an hourglass to the back to make a black widow costume.

Construction Worker

Use an orange t-shirt and glue on long reflective pieces. Find a child-size toy hard hat and attach it to your pet’s head using elastic.

Angel or Demon

Attach wings to a white t-shirt. Use silver or gold pipe cleaners, and elastic or a headband for a halo. To make a demon costume, swap out a black shirt with black felt bat wings and a red or black headband with pipecleaner devil horns. This would be a great option for matching costumes!

Fairy or Butterfly

Modify the angel costume to turn your dog into a butterfly or fairy. Skip the halo and go for a colorful shirt and wings. 


Brown felt with shoelaces tied to the front make the perfect Ewok outfit. Cut holes for your dog's ears and he's ready to fight the Empire! This is a great idea for a group theme.

halloween dog costumesCheerleader

Choose a t-shirt color and glue felt pieces or letters to display the team’s name. Pick your favorite team or just use whatever material's left from your last project. Attaching pompoms to the sleeves is a spirited touch!


Use a white shirt and create black spots on fabric using felt or paint. Gluing pink felt on the underside for an udder is a nice touch, as well as attaching a bell to your pet’s collar. Moo!


Use an orange shirt or fabric and draw a jack-o-lantern face on the back of the shirt – so simple! A dog-o-lantern face would be super cute.

Office Dog

Have an old collared shirt and tie lying around? Instead of donating them to Goodwill, attach the tie and cut off the collar. Now your dog's ready for business!


Pick any color t-shirt and glue a white felt M for an M&M outfit. Pair a red shirt with the black Mounds logo or a brown shirt with the white Tootsie Roll logo. Turn your dog into a Hostess Cupcake by drawing 3 white loops on a brown shirt.


Glue strips of medical gauze to a white t-shirt. Another great pair costume - now all you need is some large jewelry and a toga or white dress to match your dog as Cleopatra!

Beanie Baby

Cut out a heart shape from a piece of red paper or cardboard and add the white TY logo. Attach it to your pet's collar.

Hula Pet

A simple grass skirt cut to fit your pet looks adorable! Add a flower lei for the final touch.

For pets who are more reluctant to wear clothing, I suggest creating a costume that attaches at your pet’s neck or head. You could even decorate your pet’s harness or collar. Fall-themed bandanas are always a great easy resort that you could decorate as a pumpkin or a ghost.

Also, don’t forget to treat your pet for dressing up! You don’t have to be an artist or a doggy designer to make a cute costume for your pet on Halloween. You can make a simple costume just using the simple steps above. Good luck on your DIY adventure!

What costume are you going to make for your pet? Post below about your experiences or ask your questions in the comment section below!

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