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August 1, 2014

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Bark for Your Park Best Moments

Along the way, the PetSafe® team has seen some pretty great response from each city in the contest, and now that the voting has closed, we thought we’d share our favorite moment from each community. Tehachapi, CA – Our winners of “Album of the Year” superlative had some awesome photos to share of the pets in their community. There were so many great pictures that it was hard to choose just one to share, but we loved this one: tehachapi

Springfield, IL – Home of honest Abe, we loved watching their PSA. It had an appearance from Abe Lincoln himself. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, you can see it here. Great job!

Taylor, MI – This community had some great discussions on their Bark for Your Park page. They knew a great way to gain community support was through their discussion board. Smart move, Taylor! Enfield, NH – This small town was certainly mighty in their barking efforts. They also used their discussion board to rally support, and uploaded some great photos to their page! Manassas Park, VA – This community did a great job uploading the media documents. Check out one of the PAWsome news stories here!

Hattiesburg, MS- The winner of the “Best Picture Award,” for its super fun concept. Oh, yeah, and they had a special appearance from a little known athlete, Brett Favre. You can see their video here:

Auburn, NY- This community was quick to upload their documents, and had continued support from members of the city throughout the contest. Great job, Auburn! East Hartford, CT- This community won the “Old Dog New Tricks” superlative for being in the competition before, and coming back with a strong BARK! We have to give a shout out to HANZ, too, for being such a great barker! Waverly, IA – Winners of our “Social Spirit” superlative, this community did a great job of posting fun and inviting posts via social media during the contest. One of our favorite things to see was their local Dairy Queen® employees getting in on the action! Wav    

Beckley, WV- This city’s Pet Supplies Plus store did a great job of spreading the word throughout the community about the contest. They were able to be nominated, and then strengthen their BARKs throughout the contest!

Port Chester, NY – Port Chester’s residents had a great social media presence. They were amazing in their efforts of creating community events to talk about the contest! Great job, PCDP supporters!

Sulphur Springs, TX- These community members had a booming discussion board via their Bark for Your Park page, and even had support from other cities throughout the state of Texas. Support even came from Texarkana!

Sanford, NC- Sanford was another community that posted some pretty great pictures throughout the contest. This one was our favorites! sanf        

Potsdam, NY- Winners of our “Shelter Supporter” superlative, the community of Potsdam made it clear from the beginning how a park would help the Potsdam Humane Society. They wanted to make sure a park would have a section specifically for shelter dogs!

Carrollton, TX- And last, but certainly not least, Carrollton, TX. The community supporters had some wonderful stories to share on their discussion board, and did a good job of encouraging others to get involved in the contest. 

Congrats to all of these B4YP communities! Which community do you think will win?

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