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Over 11 million dogs protected by PetSafe®

When it comes to your pet's life, don't settle for inferior fences

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What sets Guardian® GPS + Tracking apart

🐾AccuGuard™ tech - combines GPS with real-time motion detection for a stable boundary, ensuring your dog’s safety and security
🐾Lower price and subscription fees than leading competing fences
🐾Quick-charge, waterproof collar with 48 hour battery life
🐾 45-day money-back guarantee
🐾 Compassionate U.S.-based Customer Care Team
🐾25 years of pet innovation
🐾Includes step-by-step training guide
🐾 Custom settings to match your dog's unique personality

The most reliable and accurate way to track your dog’s every adventure

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Compare Guardian® GPS + Tracking and Halo®


Accurate within a few feet*

Lowest risk of your dog running past boundary

Fence remains active when GPS signal is weak


Best protection in tree cover

Up to 48 hour battery life

Built on 25 years innovation

*On average, based yard on testing sites with various yard conditions

**Can vary up to 50 feet

Frequently Asked Questions

Best technology. Best protection. Best price.

Powered by AccuGuard™, the world's most accurate GPS fence technology

Our patented AI-driven technology combines satellite signal with motion-detection data to provide unbeatable protection, even in dense tree cover.

dog in woods

Only AccuGuard™ delivers our the most accurate boundary precision, and actually predicts your dog's movements using AI to warn them before they cross the boundary.

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dog in woods

Superior brand

I can't enough good things about the PetSafe Guardian GPS +Tracking Dog Fence Collar. We have a medium size mixed breed dog named Oscar. We are always worried about him wondering off especially since he is older. The collar is easy easy to put on him and it fits him well. It was very easy to set up and I am so impressed it worked well even though we kind of live in the outskirts where signal can be iffy. The app and collar give me peace of mind knowing I can keep him safe.


gps tracking collar boxgps tracking collar box
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Keeps my squirrel chaser safe

THIS FENCE IS SO FLIPPING COOL!! Seriously, we are so excited about receiving this. My dog has slowly been training on this and understands it. My husband was the one who set it up and loves the fact that it has GPS tracking. My pup loves running away and chasing squirrels so keeping him safe is important. Plus knowing where to find him when he does get out is helpful. 10/10 recommend!!


dog sitting happily with gps packagedog sitting happily with gps package
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Accuracy helps track our dog's adventures

We've been wanting to know where on our property our dog was going at night when let him out. This is accurate on showing us the area and the battery life is okay! Easy to set up if you follow in box instructions. The collar is made of high quality materials and seems to conform to our large dogs (80lbs) neck well. Overall, good product, a bit expensive but cheaper than the other brand of GPS collar.


blue heeler sitting looking at camerablue heeler sitting looking at camera
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"We love the real time tracking and that it stays on even when the gps signal is weak. The technology won't fail in cloud or tree cover either and the battery on the PetSafe collar lasts way longer than the Halo collar" - @wanderlustwithdogs

Change the way you see the world with your dog

For over 25 years, PetSafe has made yards around the world safer for more than 11 million dogs. Explore our In-Ground™, Wireless and GPS fencing technology.