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Viva™ 140 oz Pet Fountain



Product Care

Top-rack dishwasher safe


140 oz


Ion-X and foam filters

Water Flow

Soft bubbling


Low-water LED

Pump Type

Submersible & quiet

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Clean, healthy and convenient

The Viva™ Pet Fountain is a game-changer for your dog's hydration. This fountain for dogs keeps the water fresh and flowing, making them want to drink more throughout the day. The water is clean and tasty, thanks to the dual filtering that eliminates impurities and enhances flavor. Traditional water bowls can't compete with this kind of service. It's not just a treat for your dog - pet parents can ditch the daily hassle of filling and cleaning their pet's water bowl! Give your dog a fountain they’ll fall in love with at first sip with the 140 oz Viva Pet Fountain.


  • 140 oz water capacity is perfect for small to medium-sized dogs
  • Bubbler-style dog fountain keeps fresh water flowing 24/7, encouraging your pet to drink more
  • Dual filtration with Ion-X™ and foam filters keeps water looking and tasting great while extending the life of your pump
  • Plastic water tray is food-grade safe, encouraging a more hygienic drinking experience for your cat
  • Ultra-quiet pump features a low-water LED indicator and automatically shuts off when water is low\
  • Easy to assemble and clean – simply handwash the pump and place all other parts in dishwasher

For a fresh and clean dog fountain

Everybody knows what a traditional water bowl looks like after just one day. The Viva Pet Fountain gets rid of the mess with its dual-layer filtration. The first layer, a foam filter, captures larger particles, enhancing the longevity of the fountain's pump. The secondary Ion-X™ Filter plays a crucial role in eliminating distasteful flavors and odors, ensuring your dog enjoys fresh water every time.

Tapping into an instinct

Dogs are naturally attracted to flowing water. Our dog fountain mimics this allure, encouraging your pets to drink more and stay hydrated without the stale taste of a traditional water bowl. Viva Pet Fountain is ultra-quiet and keeps 140 oz. of water flowing to continuously provide a reliable supply of clean water.

Up to 7x less cleaning than a traditional bowl

This isn’t just a life-upgrade for your dog. Viva™ Pet Fountains are much easier to clean than regular water bowls, needing up to 7 times less cleaning! Our dog fountain is designed to make things convenient for you, with a constant flow of water that means less refilling. It's a dog water fountain that makes your life easier while giving your pet what they need. Cleaning is also simple, with dishwasher-safe parts that allows for effortless maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included

  • 140 oz Viva™ Fountain (plastic tray)
  • PetSafe® Ion-X™ Filter (PAC00-17260)
  • 1 foam filter (PAC00-17960)
  • USB power cable
  • Wall adaptor
  • Quick start guide


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