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Soft Point Replacement Pack



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Get everything you need to create happier moments on walks with your best friend! The Soft Point Replacement Pack gives you 4 rubber points that attach to your dog’s Soft Point Training Collar. In the event an original soft point gets misplaced or if your puppy is outgrowing his current setup, simply apply these replacements to the Soft Point Training Collar.

These BPA-free rubber soft points are a safe and pain-free alternative to traditional prong collars. This replacement pack comes in Medium and Large, so be sure to match the size of your current Soft Point Training Collar. Replacement soft points are only available in black.

Your pet deserves the best. Trust PetSafe® to keep your pet healthy, safe and happy.


  • Replacement soft points for your Soft Point Training Collar
  • Rubber soft points are a safe and pain-free alternative to traditional prong collars
  • Soft points create even pressure when pulled, training your dog to make the right decision on their own
  • Available in Medium, for dogs up to 55 lbs., and Large, for dogs 55 lbs. and up
  • Available in black

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What's included

4 black rubber soft points


Product Dimensions

4.5 x 0.9 x 5.9 Inches


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