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Classic In-Ground Fence™, 2 Dog


Coverage Area

Expandable up to 5 acres

Boundary Shape


Setup Time

1-2 days

Correction Type

Static vibration and tone

Receiver Collar Type

Rechargeable & waterproof

Max Amount of Pets


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The Classic In-Ground Fence™ 2 Dog system will give you peace of mind knowing your dog is safe and secure inside his yard. This In-Ground Fence™ system comes with 2 collars so both dogs in your family can safely play outside together. If you have a rectangular or unique-shaped yard, an in-ground fence might be a great option. Setting up an in-ground fence is a DIY project, so we like to tell pet parents to plan to install your new fence over a weekend. The in-ground fence transmitter has an LCD screen that shows you what the boundary distance is set to and the wire break warning indicator. This kit comes with 500 feet of boundary wire which lets you secure a 1/3-acre yard. If your yard is larger, just purchase more boundary wire to fence in up to a 5-acre yard. The rechargeable receiver collars have 7 levels of adjustable static correction that you can set based on your dog’s temperament. The collars also have a tone and vibration level, which is great for when you’re training your dog. The receiver collars are also compatible with all PetSafe® Pawz Away Pet Barriers (sold separately), so you can keep your dog safe outside and away from off-limit areas inside your home with the same collar. You can add as many pets to this in-ground fence system as you need. Just purchase additional compatible collars for every pet in your family. Your pet deserves the best. Trust PetSafe® to keep your pet healthy, safe and happy.

More Info

How does an in-ground pet fence actually work?

An in-ground fence works by sending a radio signal through a buried boundary wire (up to 2,000 feet). Your pet wears a receiver collar that picks up the signal. When your pet nears the boundary, the receiver collar will tone and vibrate to alert your pet that he has entered the warning zone. If he continues to venture out, the receiver collar will issue a safe but startling correction, like the static you feel if you drag your feet across a carpet and then touch a door handle.

How long will it take to install an in-ground pet fence?

It can take up to 2 days to properly plan and install the Classic In-Ground Fence™ system. Pick a weekend with good weather and consider asking a friend for help.

How do I fit the Classic In-Ground Fence™ Receiver Collar?

Proper fit is essential to the effectiveness and safety of the receiver collar. If it’s too loose it won’t correct your dog, but if the collar is too tight it might irritate your dog’s skin.

How do I train my dog to learn the fenced-in area?

You’ll want to make sure you spend time consistently training your dog so he learns where his new boundary area is. We recommend this fence for dogs who are at least 6 months and older based on your dog’s cognitive development. A puppy should be able to consistently respond to basic commands such as “come” and “sit” before he is ready to start training with any kind of static correction collar.

Can I use this in-ground pet fence for my cat?

Yes, this fence can be used for cats if they weigh 5 pounds or more and if the collar comfortably fits. You can also purchase a flexible Collar Strap for Cats that fits neck sizes up to 11 1/2 in.


  • Includes 2 Collars - Comes with 2 collars for both dogs in your family; if you have more than 2 dogs you can purchase additional collars so all your pets can play safely in the backyard together
  • Expandable Up To 5 Acres - Comes with 500 ft of wire to fence in a 1/3-acre yard, but if you purchase more wire you can contain up to a 5-acre play area
  • LCD Screen - Digital LCD screen shows you what the boundary distance is set to and displays a warning indicator so you will know if there is a wire break
  • 8 Different Collar Settings - Level 1 is tone and vibration which is perfect for training; levels 2-8 are adjustable static correction that you can set based on your dog’s temperament
  • Compatible With Pawz Away® Pet Barriers - This In-Ground Fence™ system is compatible with all our Pawz Away® Pet Barriers so you can protect off-limit areas inside or outside your home
  • Waterproof, Rechargeable Collar - Indicator lights on the receiver collar will let you know when the battery is running low; collar quickly recharges in 2-3 hours
  • DIY Setup: Setting up this in-ground fence is a weekend project
  • For Dogs and Cats - Collar adjusts to fit neck sizes 6-26 in and is designed for pets 5 lb and up, who are at least 6 months and older; optional flexible collar strap available for pets with neck sizes up to 11 1/2 in (PWF00-14223)
  • Safe, Effective, Trusted - Our static collars are part of our ongoing mission to provide the best tools, education and support for pet parents seeking safe, successful, expert-recommended options to meet each dog’s unique training needs

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Planning Fence Layout

Getting Started

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Planning Fence Layout

Getting Started

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What's included

  • Transmitter
  • 2 receiver collar s
  • 500 ft of boundary wire
  • 50 training flags
  • Mounting hardware
  • Short and long contact points
  • Gel-filled capsules
  • Wire connectors
  • Transmitter power adaptor
  • Receiver collar charging cable


Product Dimensions

6.0 x 4.7 x 11.9 Inches


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