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The Thrill of Technology Meets the Thrill of the Chase

Feb 18, 2013

The Thrill of Technology Meets the Thrill of the Chase

Radio Systems Corporation, a leader in innovative pet products under the PetSafe brand name, has launched SportDog, a subsidiary that will focus on pleasing hunting enthusiasts and those that enjoy outdoor activities with their dog. “Hunting can be very expensive because of the cost of buying and owning dogs, as well as licenses, equipment travel, and more. By offering affordable electronic training products, we hope to help more people enjoy the sport,” said Lance Tracy, SportDog’s Director of Sales and Marketing. Previously, serious hunters have spent hundreds – even thousands – of dollars on professional gun dog training.

SportDog’s breakthrough technology provides more affordable options that achieve the same results. SportDog’s rugged remote trainers and tracking devices are designed for unmatched reliability and ease of use, offering the only field  trainers in the industry starting at under $200 that are backed by a lifetime warranty. The ProHunter and SportHunter Remote Trainers offer extended range (the ProHunter has the longest in the industry with a full mile and a half) and up to 30 correction levels for any training situation. Other features include waterproof collar/receivers, rechargeable NiMH batteries, and the Add-A-Dog capability that lets hunters train two dogs with one system.

Other SportDog products include yard trainers ideal for teaching dogs the basics or to begin working on field commands. Their 100-yard range is sufficient to work with dogs around the yard, park and other environments. SportDog tracking products include a Deluxe Beeper Locator that alerts hunters to when their dogs are pointing birds in heavy cover, and the Radio Tracking System that helps hunters find their bird dog or hound up to seven miles away.

Company Overview

SportDog, part of Radio Systems Corporation, is a privately held company based in Knoxville, Tennessee. Radio Systems is the industry leader and prime innovator in the development of safe, reliable and technologically superior pet management solutions – solutions that give responsible pet owners greater peace of mind knowing their pets are safe and well cared for. Their product line is one of the broadest, most innovative and highest quality in the industry, including electronic containment systems, bark control systems, pet doors and remote training equipment. As founders of the pet electronics category in 1991, they have  achieved market leadership in all key categories and are the number one brand in the category. Their in-house, state-of-the-art Engineering and R&D departments are 100% committed to research, innovation and quality.

All Radio Systems Electronic products are manufactured in ISO 9002 certified facilities, have a warranty ranging from three years to lifetime, and a Toll-Free Customer Service Hotline that's open 8:00am to 8:00pm Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm on Saturday, and 1:00pm to 5:00pm on Sunday.

Promoting Responsibility

Radio Systems Corporation and its president, Randy Boyd, are dedicated to creating a more harmonious bond between animals and humans through safe and effective  training systems. Promoting responsible pet ownership is an important commitment on the part of Radio Systems, helping to dispel some of the painful myths associated with electronic training devices. The devices are designed to startle and warn the pet without punishing the animal or causing pain.

Radio Systems products make pets more self-reliant, and therefore help to improve the relationship between humans and animals. Because their pets are well trained and well behaved, owners are likely to spend more time with their pets, which is beneficial to both the pet and the owner. "We believe that people who fail in their relationship with a pet primarily fail not through any fault of the pet, but because owners have unrealistic expectations, or they simply don’t know how to care for and communicate with their pet," says Boyd. By providing humane and effective training systems, Radio Systems continues to promote responsible pet ownership.

Radio Systems is expanding its commitment to educating pet owners. The company has developed training videos that are provided to animal shelters at cost. The videos can then be used as part of adoption packages or they can be sold to raise funds for the shelter.

About Radio Systems®

Headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, Radio Systems Corporation (RSC) is the maker of the PetSafe®, Invisible Fence®, SportDOG®, and Premier brands. This brand portfolio makes RSC an industry leader in the management of pet behavior, pet training solutions, containment systems, safety and lifestyle product solutions. You’ll also find the pet-loving hearts at Radio Systems and its brands giving back to the community by sponsoring dog parks, rescue missions, adoption facilities, and dozens of other philanthropic ventures.