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PetSafe Introduces First Collar-Activated Pet Doorbell

Feb 18, 2013

PetSafe Introduces First Collar-Activated Pet Doorbell

Tired of your dog scratching or barking at the door when they’re ready to come in? Are you worried about leaving your pet outside in the bitter cold or hot sun without indoor access? If you can’t install a pet door, why not try a personalized pet doorbell? The new PetSafe Smart Pet Doorbell™ is the first collar-activated doorbell that easily mounts on a wall, door or glass to help you control the indoor and outdoor access of your dog or cat. There are no mats or buttons to push, so minimal training is required if the doorbell is installed at the same door your pet uses most frequently.

Your pet wears a small, lightweight SmartKey™ tag that attaches to their everyday pet collar and communicates with the Smart Pet Doorbell. The tag only weighs .64 ounces. Using radio frequency, when your pet’s SmartKey is within range of the Smart Pet Doorbell, an audible, volume-controlled alert with 4 volume settings, sounds to let you know your pet is waiting to go outside or come inside. The sensing range is adjustable up to 3 feet from the unit, which can be installed with or without the external antenna.

To prevent unnecessary alerts, the doorbell should only be installed near the door your pet uses most frequently to go outside. Household appliances such as laptop computers, wireless telephones, microwave ovens and televisions should be at least 2 feet away from the Smart Pet Doorbell. Water bowls, toys and food should be at least 10 feet away.

Along with positive training, praising, and rewards, the Smart Pet Doorbell can be a great training tool for housebreaking your pets. The doorbell system can also be turned off and on as needed by the pet owner.

“Pet parents understand the short-comings of standing in the cold or wet weather, waiting to let their pet inside. It’s great to stay comfortable inside, waiting to hear the signal that the dog’s standing at the door,” says David Anderson, Director of Pet Access, PetSafe. “And if you live in a busy household with everyone on the run, it’s also convenient to hear that alert, signaling when your pet needs to go outside.”

Features include:

  • Adjustable sensing range up to 3 in. to 36 in.
  • Available with an external antenna to improve sensor functions.
  • Accepts up to 5 SmartKeys for use with 5 different pets
  • Built-in picture frame for personalized pet portrait
  • Cost is $89.99 and includes one SmartKey, mounting hardware, and an operating guide. The doorbell requires 3 C batteries which are not included.


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Headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, PetSafe is the industry leader in the management of pet behavior, offering pet training, containment, safety and lifestyle product solutions. PetSafe introduced the first do-it-yourself electronic fence to the pet market in 1991 and the first wireless fence in 1998. PetSafe's product line-up includes: kennels and electronic underground fences, bark control systems, a selection of remote training products, pet doors, pet feeders and a growing line of lifestyle products including toys and treats.