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PetSafe Expands Bark Control Program to Save More Dog Lives

Feb 18, 2013

PetSafe Expands Bark Control Program to Save More Dog Lives

Knoxville, Tenn. – March 23, 2006 – Dedicated to saving the lives of more dogs in 2006, "The Year of the Dog," PetSafe, the industry leader and manufacturer of electronic pet management training solutions, announces nationwide expansion of its Animal Control Officer (ACO) Bark Control Program. The program equips shelters and ACOs with PetSafe Bark Control Collar kits to loan dog owners as a training solution to deter nuisance barking.

By curbing barking complaints, avoiding owner relinquishment and reducing the ultimate euthanasia of "uncontrollable" dogs, the PetSafe Bark Control program has already impacted untold numbers of dogs. Results reported from launch participants in Knox County, Tenn. during the first six months (Jan. - June 2005) include a 92 percent reduction in barking calls – from 25 to 2 per week.

For owners living in an urban environment, excessive pet noise can potentially ruin not only the pet-owner relationship, but also that with their neighbors. Excessive barking also negatively impacts the dog's quality of life. Electronic trainers such as the bark collar allow barking to be suppressed in the owner's absence. Dedicated to keeping furry companions in their urban homes, PetSafe Bark Control Collars immediately and consistently deliver a barking correction, meeting two important criteria for effective training. With proper use of training equipment such as a Bark Control Collar, and attention to training for good behavior, misbehaviors such as excessive barking can be corrected.

"Partnering with PetSafe, we have proven that the proper use of humane 21st Century technology can help dogs with excessive barking problems remain in their homes and avoid becoming a statistic," said Dave Head, Director, Knox County Animal Control. "Based on our rapid and consistent success in Knox County, I urge all animal control units across the United States to take advantage of this free program."

The ACO Bark Control program offers free use of the PetSafe Bark Collar to pet owners when an Animal Control Officer responds to a barking dog complaint. The owner signs a release for a pre-determined length of time and agrees to return the collar following the test period. Trial use of the collar usually proves successful in training acceptable bark behaviors within a week, and gives pet owners peace of mind by knowing they can solve the problem and try the product before purchasing it themselves.

PetSafe is also working with Dr. Suzanne Hetts and Dr. Daniel Estep, two, nationally known and certified applied animal behaviorists with Animal Behavior Associates, Inc., resulting in development of two unique tools for ACOs and Shelters to help them solve barking problems. The first is a handout entitled "What to Do About Your Dog's Barking Before Trying an Anti-bark Collar" to offer solutions and instructions for pet parents to manage their dogs' environment, enrich their dogs' lives, and change their dogs' behaviors.

The second is a handout entitled "Is an Anti-bark Collar Right for Your Barking Dog?" This document presents a series of questions to help pet parents determine why their dogs are barking and if an anti-bark collar is an appropriate alternative or if additional, professional help is needed. "After endless disruptions, dogs with uncontrollable bark problems often find themselves in shelters," said Chris Brudecki, Director, PetSafe Outreach. "We are pleased with the ongoing success of our ACO Program and proud that our PetSafe Bark Control Collar is teaching dogs better manners and ultimately keeping them in their owner's homes where they are safest."

Interested ACOs and pet control organizations should register online via the PetSafe Outreach Center at

About PetSafe

Headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, PetSafe is the industry leader in the management of pet behavior, offering pet training, containment, safety and lifestyle product solutions. PetSafe introduced the first do-it-yourself electronic fence to the pet market in 1991 and the first wireless fence in 1998. PetSafe's product line-up includes: kennels and electronic underground fences, bark control systems, a selection of remote training products, pet doors, pet feeders and a growing line of lifestyle products including toys and treats.