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PetSafe® Breaks Global Pet Expo Show Record with 31 New Products Launched

May 13, 2013

PetSafe® Breaks Global Pet Expo Show Record with 31 New Products Launched

Knoxville, Tenn. – Randy Boyd, Founder and CEO of Radio Systems Corporation® is excited to announce the launch of 31 new products at Global Pet Expo 2013. With an unprecedented debut of over 30 new products in the New Product Showcase, PetSafe® not only holds a new show record, but further establishes the brand as an industry leader in pet innovation across multiple categories.

“I’m extremely proud of everything we can offer pet owners through new PetSafe® products and even more excited to share these product with the audience of the Global Pet Expo,” said Boyd. “With a special focus on innovation, owner convenience, and design, our has team worked incredibly hard from concept and research to execution and trial to make sure we deliver products that meet the needs of the pets and owners.”

As the first to introduce the wireless fence, liquid dog treat, and toys with replaceable treats, PetSafe® has a history of bringing innovation to the pet industry. PetSafe® is also the only maker of the free‐falling water stream fountains. Today, by breaking the expo’s record with their multitude of inventive ideas, PetSafe® demonstrates its continued commitment to the development of human animal bond through creative products and effective training. Visit to learn more about these great products or check out video from the event here!

NEW Pet Fencing Products

The Wireless Mapping Fence requires no trenches to dig or wires to bury and covers up to 1/2 acre, allowing pet parents to optimize their full yard or a partial boundary. Say good­‐bye to the circular boundary and let pets enjoy your entire yard. The Rechargeable Receiver Collar has five levels of correction, a tone-­only mode for training and also offers anti-linger and run-through tones.

The YardMax Rechargeable In-­Ground Fence maximizes the area your pet can explore, giving your pet 30% more space. The Receiver Collar doesn’t activate until it crosses the Boundary Wire and is compatible with Pawz Away pet barriers to help pets avoid dangerous areas both in and outside of the home.

The Stubborn Dog Stay + Play Wireless Fence® Receiver Collar offers five adjustable levels of correction, plus a tone-­only mode for training. This waterproof, high-intensity Receiver Collar has a low batter indicator and recharges quickly in two to three hours.

The Rechargeable In-­Ground Fence Receiver Collar has four adjustable levels of correction, plus a tone-­only mode. The progressive correction feature even eliminates lingering in the warning zone. The rechargeable, waterproof design works with any PetSafe® In-Ground Fence except the UltraSmart In-Ground Fence System®.

NEW Pet Proofing Product

The Pawz Away® Mini Pet Barrier will keep pets off kitchen counters, away from the trash, and off furniture to protect pets and the home. The barrier transmits an elliptical radio signal adjustable up to five feet. When a pet enters the designated Barrier Area, he’ll hear a series of beeps from the collar and will feel a safe, static correction, which is designed to startle instead of punish.

NEW Bark Control Products

The Ultrasonic Bark Control Collar uses an ultrasonic tone to deter nuisance barking. The collar is lightweight, water-­resistant and comfortable. A low battery indicator will alert a pet owner when the 3-­volt lithium batteries should be changed.

The Big Dog Rechargeable Bark Control has 10 levels of progressive static correction, a rechargeable battery and waterproof design to help stop nuisance barking. The patented Perfect Bark® ensures your dog’s bark is the only sound that will incur a correction.

NEW Pet Door

The PASSport Pet Access Smart System allows pet owners to program up to 20 pets’ access to the outdoors through the LCD screen with a five-­button navigation and USB connection to the computer. The door reads the PASSport Key worn on pet’s collar and only allows pets with programmed IDs to enter and exit the home. Available in Small and  Medium, the multi-­point locking U-flap system provides 100 pounds of push-­thru resistance and improved weather-­resistance. Pet tracking data allows owners to better recognize their pets’ behavior and monitor health concerns.

NEW Training Products

The Elite Pendant Remote Trainer has a 200-­yard range and nine levels of static stimulation plus a tone-­only option. The ram horn design fits on any collar up to 3/4'’ wide and its perfect-­sized transmitter fits comfortably in hands. The system also boasts rechargeable batteries, a waterproof receiver and water-­resistant remote transmitter.

The Basic Remote Trainer makes training easy and affordable on any budget. With its 75-­yard range, 12 levels of stimulation and two-­tone training options, pet owners can communicate with their pets and reinforce good behavior off leash.

The Train n’ Praise Treat Dispenser allows owners to reward good behavior from afar with a handheld remote that activates a treat dispenser up to 15 feet away. The Treat n Train dispenser can be mounted to a wall or free standing, has a low battery indicator, and is AC adapter compatible.

The E-­Pee Pad with Treat Dispenser is a reward system that uses an automated treat dispenser, which can be mounted on a wall or free standing, to give pets a treat when he has properly used the absorptive pee pad. A handheld remote for the Treat n Praise is also included for additional training and treating up to 25 feet away to insure positive reinforcement.

Bark & Activity Counter When left wondering what Fido does while his owners are away, use the Bark and Activity Counter to distinguish between abnormal or inappropriate owner-­absent behavior and general day-­to-­day barking activity. Users can download the data in convenient charts for easy analysis and tracking.

The Clik-­R-­Clip attaches to the dog’s leash to make marking their behavior even easier. With the light device and comfortable grip, owners can use the Clik-­R-­Clip to get their dog’s attention and communicate good behavior.

The Hands Free Leash attaches around the owner’s waist with a Velcro® closure for quick and safe release when needed. Designed to safely and comfortably allow owners to walk their dog without having to hold the leash, the Hands Free Leash lets you enjoy a walk, run, or hike on a trail.

NEW Fountains

The Pagoda Ceramic Fountain continuously circulates 70 ounces of fresh, filtered water. Best of all, the ceramic design is easy to clean and looks great in the home. The upper and lower dishes provide two drinking areas for pets, and the patented dual free-falling streams aerate the water for freshness, which encourages pets to drink more.

The Avalon Ceramic Fountain offers 70 ounces of fresh, filtered water in a ceramic design that is easy to clean and looks great. The upper and lower dishes provide two drinking areas for pets and the circular design makes it easy to approach and share. Dual patented free-­falling streams add oxygen for freshness and encourage hydration.

NEW Cat Products

The SweepOne Advanced Auto-­Cleaning Litter Box System has a two rake and spade system to provide a cleaner litter box, which cats will use more often. As the most advanced auto-­litter system on the market, it includes a non-­stick surface so that nothing gets left behind.

The Fishbowl cat feeder toy gives cats of all ages a stimulating and rewarding play experience. A cat can see, smell and touch the treats or kibble in the Fishbowl, but he will have to solve the puzzle by “fishing” the food out. The curved sides and weighted base prevents overturning and challenges cats more than ever.

NEW Toys and Treats

The Busy Buddy® Ultra Sub features knobbed nylon “buns” sandwiching rubber spacers and two ultra-­thick rawhide treat rings. The rings spin on their posts, allowing very little surface area for dogs to grip on to. This difficulty combined with the ultra-­thick rawhide rings means this toy will hold a dog’s interest for an ultra-­‐long time.

Busy Buddy Ultra Woofer: A toy designed with determined chewers in mind. The extra-­wide ends of the Woofer protect a single ultra-­thick rawhide treat ring, making it more challenging for a dog to get a grip on the rawhide.

Busy Buddy Ultra Stratos features knobbed rubber ends molded over nylon and a textured rubber center for stimulation and chewing satisfaction. It holds two ultra-­thick rawhide rings that are four times thicker than regular Busy Buddy rawhide rings.

The Busy Buddy Teeter Treater has a weighted base that self-­rights and its three channels securely hold treat strips for a more challenging playtime. It’s easy to load and remove the treats – plus, the hard chew strength means pets will enjoy this toy over and over.

Busy Buddy Gnawbrush and refills: Brushing pets’ teeth is such a chore, so let the Gnawbrush do it. The surfaces help clean the teeth while dogs chew and the mint flavored Busy Sticks encourage better smelling breath.

indigo™ Fresh dental treats offer pet parents an easy alternative to the stress and mess of brushing their dogs’ teeth. Dogs simply eat tasty treats that are formulated based on biometrics of how dogs chew to promote cleaner teeth and fresher breath. This complete oral care line includes indigo Fresh Gel, Sauce, Sticks, and Floss Bones, and are made in the USA.

indigo Triple Chews are a premium treat that help dogs boost and gain a healthier immune system, digestive system and fresher mouth. With a crunchy blue “clover-­bone” infused with immune-­boosting antioxidants, Triple Chews offer a teeth-­cleaning chew with a delicious moist filling that has probiotics to promote digestive health. Made in the USA.

indigo Smokehouse Strips are healthy and safe alternatives for your dog made with real meat and vacuum-­sealed for freshness. They are offered in two sizes and packed with a smoked and cured flavor your dog will love. Made in the USA.

Lickety Stik® Gel treats give dogs a highly palatable treat with added health and oral benefits. It comes in an easy dispenser bottle with a dial to help measure the amount of gel released at a time. Offered in five flavors, the gel has added health benefits including immunity, bone and joint, skin and coat, digestive, and stress and anxiety.

Lickety Stik LiquiMints: The same liquid treat dogs know and love just got better. Lickety Stik® LiquiMints contain natural breath fresheners in Peppermint, Spearmint, and Eucalyptus flavors.

About Radio Systems Corporation ®

Headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, Radio Systems Corporation® (RSC) is the maker of the PetSafe®, Invisible Fence®, SportDOG®, and Premier brands. This brand portfolio makes RSC an industry leader in the management of pet behavior, pet training solutions, containment systems, safety and lifestyle product solutions. You’ll also find the pet-­loving hearts at Radio Systems and its brands giving back to the community by sponsoring dog parks, rescue missions, adoption facilities, and dozens of other philanthropic ventures. Please visit for more information.