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PetSafe® Brand to Launch 22 New Products at 2019 Global Pet Expo

Mar 13, 2019

PetSafe® Brand to Launch 22 New Products at 2019 Global Pet Expo

Latest PetSafe® Innovations to Cover Six Diverse Product Categories

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — March 13, 2019 — PetSafe® brand, an industry leader in innovative pet product solutions, is launching 22 new products at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida, March 20–22, 2019. PetSafe® will showcase its latest products at exhibit booth #2753, including new behavioral, waste management and containment solutions as well as fountains, doors and toys.

Three New Behavioral Products

The PetSafe® Spray Bark Collar deters unwanted or excessive barking and whining with a gentle burst of citronella or unscented spray. The Spray Bark Collar is rechargeable, water-resistant, and features innovative bark detection technology.

The PetSafe® Remote Spray Trainer, activated by a remote, features tone, vibration and spray training options to accommodate each pet’s individual training needs. This product is perfect for teaching basic commands or correcting unwanted behaviors and includes a range of 300 yards for training at longer distances. Both Spray Collars are equipped with a convenient, recyclable and easy-to-use citronella and unscented spray refill cartridge, which no other collar on the market offers.

The PetSafe® Bark Collar is waterproof and features 15 levels of stimulation to help discourage nuisance barking and whining. The collar is easy to use with no programming and automatically adjusts the level according to your dog’s barking.

Three New Waste Management Products

The PetSafe® Deluxe Crystal Litter Box System works specifically with PetSafe® Premium Crystal Litter, which absorbs urine and dries out solid waste to control odors. The dual-layer design includes a drainage grid and tray lined with an absorbent PetSafe® Litter Box Pee Pad for added protection. Vents along the underside of the litter box circulate air, drying out the litter and extending freshness. This complete system comes with a bag of litter and everything else you need to get started.

The PetSafe® Premium Crystal Litter 2-Pack comes with two pre-portioned bags of crystal litter to absorb moisture and dehydrate solid waste for 5x better odor control than traditional clumping litter. Each pre-portioned bag is the perfect size for the PetSafe® Deluxe Crystal Litter Box System or any traditional litter box. The crystal litter is available in original, lavender and sensitive varieties.

The updated PetSafe® Simply Clean® Automatic Litter Box now has more usable space in the litter bowl and features a quiet conveyor system that automatically removes waste. This litter box uses any premium clay clumping litter and includes a replaceable PetSafe® Litter Box Carbon Filter for a second layer of odor protection.

Two New Containment Products

Give your pet more freedom with the PetSafe® YardMax® Cordless In-Ground Fence™. Avoid drilling holes in your home’s exterior with this innovative in-ground containment system. Featuring a battery-powered design that is not dependent on an external power source, it includes a waterproof transmitter that keeps your dog or cat safe even through outages.

Quickly set up a wireless fence to create a safe, secure area for your dog to roam and play with the PetSafe® Stay & Play™ Wireless Fence for Stubborn Dogs. Removing the need to install a physical fence, this product includes higher intensity correction levels for even the most stubborn dogs and is great for traveling.

Three New Fountains

PetSafe® is introducing a fully upgraded product line of its Drinkwell® Pet Fountain. Available in three sizes, the new design features an innovative flow control that allows you to customize the free-falling stream or turn it off for quieter operation. The PetSafe® Drinkwell® 2 Gallon Pet Fountain, designed for big dogs and multiple pet households, includes a square bowl design that allows for several furry friends to use at once. Additional sizes include the PetSafe® Drinkwell® 1 Gallon Pet Fountain for medium-sized cats and dogs and the PetSafe® Drinkwell® 1/2 Gallon Pet Fountain for small-sized pets. The new fountain designs are compact and easy to clean.

Three New Doors

The PetSafe® Microchip Cat Door allows your cat the freedom to come and go by reading your kitty’s 15-digit microchip ID to open the flap, keeping unwanted animals out. This door can program up to 40 identities, great for multi-pet households, and includes a lock feature to control access.

Easily install the PetSafe® Pet Screen Door, now available in large, directly into your screen door, window or porch screen to blend perfectly with your existing exterior. Features include fastening screws that ensure sturdy attachment, a high-impact plastic frame to resist inclement weather and a durable mesh material built for frequent use.

The PetSafe® New Wall Entry Pet Door™ can be installed in a wide variety of wall materials, including all types of siding, stucco and brick. This product is perfect for homes that don’t have a practical or convenient entry or side door to install a pet door.

Eight New Toys

When your furry friend interacts with one of the paired PetSafe® Ricochet Electronic Dog Toys, the second toy gives off a squeak. Once the focus is centered on the second toy, the squeak sound bounces back to the first. Your pup will love trying to conquer the challenge of finding the squeaky source.

The PetSafe® Squeak ‘n Treat Ninja Star is made from an ultra-tough rubber that’s designed to withstand the most relentless chewers, delivering a satisfying squeak while releasing treats.

The PetSafe® Freezable Treat Holding Chilly Penguin is a freezable, snowflake-shaped toy made from durable, vanilla-scented rubber with a compartment for your dog’s favorite smearable treats.

Featuring innovative SnapFit™ cups to hold delicious, all-natural rawhide treat rings, the PetSafe® Treat-Holding Forever Bone Dog Chew Toy pleases even the toughest of chewers.

A sparkling turquoise, ring-shaped toy, the PetSafe® Jewel Pop Treat Holding Dog Toy features a sturdy thermoplastic rubber that holds a flavorful rawhide treat.

The PetSafe® Ribinator Dog Toy is a treat-compatible toy that stimulates and engages your dog by inserting bully sticks, treat sticks or smearable treats into the dispenser for enhanced playtime.

An automated, motion-activated toy, the PetSafe® Peek-a-Bird Electronic Cat Toy features an irresistible feather teaser that peeks out of two different openings to keep your kitty entertained.

The PetSafe® Laser Tail Automatic Laser Light includes a laser “tail” that creates visually appealing patterns. The toy is self-propelled, moving away from the laser so your cat is constantly chasing it and on the move.

For more information about PetSafe® and its innovative new products, visit booth #2753 at the Global Pet Expo or

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