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Introducing The PetSafe® GPS Locator™

Feb 18, 2013

Introducing The PetSafe® GPS Locator™

Knoxville, TN – September 10, 2007 – The fact is, even the world's best-cared-for dogs get lost. They escape through gates, slip quickly out of doors, and wander off even when they've been trained to stay put. And you worry if you will ever be reunited again.

Introducing PetSafe® GPS Locator™, the first and only state-of-the-art wireless technology that provides around-the-clock protection for your pet. Using a GPS-enabled collar, you access the power of satellite tracking to quickly and easily locate your adventure-seeking friend. That means you won't have to cover your neighborhood with reward signs or wait by your phone for a kind stranger to call. Instead, you'll be the one in control of bringing your dog home – quickly and easily. And that means a happy ending for both of you.

The PetSafe GPS Locator utilizes the latest mobile communications and satellite tracking technology. Since there is no training required, pet owners simply press a button on the dog's collar or use the web site to create a monitoring zone for their dog - the Home Zone™. If the dog roams outside of the Home Zone, the PetSafe GPS Locator alerts the pet owner of an escape. Once alerted, they can either use the website or contact a customer care specialist to help track their pet. The Customer Care Center is a 24/7/365 live support call center which will monitor the pet's movements and can stay on the phone with the pet owner until they're reunited with their pet.

"We listen to our consumers and know first hand the trauma and sorrow of not being able to do anything to find your pet," said Walt Frankewich, Spokesperson, PetSafe GPS Locator. "It was their needs that drove us to introduce our new Pet Location and Identification category. We've developed a proactive system to give you peace of mind knowing that you, yourself can actively find and be reunited with your pet."

The PetSafe GPS Locator is $299 which includes a collar, rechargeable batteries, charger and limited lifetime warranty. There is a monthly service plan starting at $19.99 – much like a cell phone service plan, but for your pet. For more information please visit:

About PetSafe

Headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, PetSafe is the industry leader in the management of pet behavior, offering pet training, containment, safety and lifestyle product solutions. PetSafe introduced the first do-it-yourself electronic fence to the pet market in 1991 and the first wireless fence in 1998. PetSafe's product line-up includes: kennels and electronic underground fences, bark control systems, a selection of remote training products, pet doors, pet feeders and a growing line of lifestyle products including toys and treats.