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City of Rocklin Celebrates Renewed RRUFF Dog Park Funded by PetSafe® Bark for Your Park™ Grant

Sep 01, 2020

City of Rocklin Celebrates Renewed RRUFF Dog Park Funded by PetSafe® Bark for Your Park™ Grant

Rocklin Leaders Announce Updates to the City’s Only Dog Park

ROCKLIN, CA – Sept. 1, 2020 — Rocklin Residents Unite for Fido (RRUFF) will hold a virtual event to celebrate the newly improved RRUFF Dog Park within Johnson-Springview Park on Saturday, Sept. 5. These extensive dog park updates were made possible through the PetSafe® Bark for Your Park™ program, which provides funding to create and sustain safe, off-leash dog parks nationwide.

This dog park was originally made possible nearly a decade ago through a joint partnership with the City of Rocklin Parks & Recreation Department and RRUFF. The RRUFF Healing Heroes Program was added in 2014 and provides funding for service dog training at no cost. With the PetSafe® Bark for Your Park™ grant, the organization was able to make needed maintenance updates to the park to better serve retired veteran visitors and the local community.

Phil Lewis, Director of Rocklin Parks & Recreation, says, “We are proud of all of the hard work RRUFF has put into making the dog park a special gathering place for our community and their four-legged family members. We are delighted for them receiving the PetSafe® Bark for Your Park™ grant, which has allowed them to continue to provide safe and reliable amenities to all those that visit the dog park.”

The one-acre RRUFF Dog Park includes an enticing play area with separate spaces for large, small and special needs animals, providing a safe place for dogs to run free and for their people to connect. The PetSafe® grant was used to maintain the engineered wood fiber groundcover unique to the park and the installation of additional play features for the dogs who visit.

“Our mission is to help communities keep their pets healthy, safe and happy,” says Celeste Vlok, marketing manager for PetSafe® brand. “We are grateful for the opportunity to support a park that provides a safe place for dogs of any size, or with special needs, to play off-leash.

The event will be held on Saturday, Sept. 5, from 9:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. PDT. RRUFF encourages local pet parents to join virtually by attending the Facebook Live event listed on the RRUFF Facebook page. It will include a first look, overview of the grant and park updates, as well as a raffle drawing for those in attendance virtually for the chance to win prizes donated by PetSafe®.

About PetSafe®

In 2011, PetSafe® brand developed and launched the nationwide Bark for Your Park™ campaign with the goal of providing dog parks that community members, civic leaders and pet owners would love, use and support for years to come. To date, PetSafe® brand has donated close to $1.6 million, which has helped fund 72 off-leash parks around the country.

About the City of Rocklin

Rocklin is a preferred location to live, work, and grow business in northern California. Rocklin is conveniently located near the state capital with proximity to the bay area, has excellent schools and universities, abundant recreational opportunities, and the highest commitment to public safety. The City is growing quickly with a population of more than 70,000 and has been named one of the nation’s top 10 cities for young families.