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April 19, 2013

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What Kind of Pet Owner Are You?

how to be a good dog owner By Jessica Medlin, PetSafe Marketing Research Specialist

Jessica is a Maternal Martha, which means she treats Emmit and LIly like children. What kind of pet parent are you?

We all love our pets but have you ever observed that the we way we each relate to our dogs can come in as many different breeds as they do? We’ve noticed it too! In fact, over the years, we’ve studied the common behaviors and attitudes that most dog owners have in common. 

Our Dog Owner Segmentation study showed us that, in general, there are 6 types of dog owners

Maternal Marthas -  Of all the segments, Maternal Marthas treat their dogs most like their own children and have a super-strong emotional connection with them.  The beloved dog of a Maternal Martha is most likely to stay inside, both day and night.  48% of Maternal Marthas let their pet sleep in the bed, 23% let their pet lay on the furniture, and 38% are more likely to take their pet with them while traveling.  Compared to the other segments, they allocate the most of their household budget to their dog. That makes perfect sense because they tend to buy a spontaneous gift for their pet.

Hakuna Matatas - Like Maternal Marthas, the Hakuna Matatas have a strong emotional connection with their pet, feel very nurturing towards their pet but they have very few needs when it comes to their dogs.  They are generally happy with their dog and their relationship with them. Picture a dog and their owner living in harmony with a happy, uneventful relationship.

Techno Trainers -  As the their name implies, Techno Trainers are early adopters of technology, more so than any other.  Techno Trainers love their dogs just as much as Maternal Marthas, but they believe they have a responsibility to train and socialize their dog. They are happy to try new technologies with their dog and are the fastest growing segment. We love that because this group believes in being proactive and responsible dog owners (and that can mean a happier dog-friendly world for everyone).

Daily Grinders – These busy dog-owners feel a strong emotional connection with their dog and feel like they’re a member of the family.  Their challenge is that they are so busy with chores and tasks that they can’t always dedicate as much time to their dogs are they would like. But they will take action when they feel like their dog’s behavior is creating an issue for others such as visitors and guests. We understand they need some extra conveniences when it comes to the dogs they love.

Recreational Rookies – These fun folks appreciate the utilitarian and purposeful aspects of dogs. You’ll see these dog owners running, hunting with their dog, entering them in pet shows, competing in agility trails, and encouraging their dog’s natural skills like guarding, herding, and retrieving. This groups tends to include younger men but not always.

Why Bothers – It's hard to imagine but there is a small group of dog owners that have a very little emotional connection to their dogs and don’t spend time developing a relationship with them.  It would be tough for our other segments to see a Why Bothers dog tired up in the backyard not getting the exercise and playtime we believe they need. We hope that through continued education, we will convert the Why Bothers into passionate pet parents.

PetSafe research After you login, click on the “Surveys” tab to find the survey then click on the Segmentation Survey as pictured to the right.

Has this peaked your interest to find out which segment you fit into?  You can find out NOW! A 3-minute survey is housed in our online laboratory – PetSafe Labs.  You’ll need to login, or if you’ve never been to PetSafe Labs before you’ll need to create a login, to complete the survey. 

Not only will you find out the type of dog owner you are but you’ll also be able to become part of our community of Idea Partners.  Our Idea Partners play an important role in the development of our products by testing products, completing surveys, and participating in online discussions.  They have tons of fun testing products and telling us what they think about them!

I’m a Maternal Martha, but what about you? Login or create a login on PetSafe Labs, take our fun Segmentation Survey, and become an Idea Partner all in one trip!

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