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May 26, 2013

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What Are the Perfect Products for You and Your Pet?

how to be a good dog owner By Jessica Medlin, PetSafe Marketing Research Specialist

As the Marketing Research Specialist, Jessica works with all different types of pet owners to test our products and find the right solution for them. What kind of pet owner are you?

 Have you ever struggled to find the right products for your dog? As pet owners, we should provide our dogs with safe and engaging products that fit their needs, but that also fit our wants and needs.

We categorize dog owners into segments. Knowing which segment you fit into will help you choose the best products for your dog.

What type of pet owner are you? Take our Segmentation Survey to find out! To take the survey, you’ll create a login for our online research laboratory, PetSafe Labs. It only takes about 3 minutes to create the login and take our fun Segmentation Survey.

After you take the Segmentation Survey, the product recommendations below will help you find the right products.

Maternal Marthas:

  • Females are the primary purchaser of dog products.
  • Maternal Marthas spend the most money on their dog and females make up 67% of this segment.
  • A Drinkwell Pagoda Fountain will provide your dog with fresh, filtered, free-flowing water and looks great with any interior design.
  • Install an Electronic Smart Door so your dog can come in and out as he or she pleases, without the risk of any rodents or other neighborhood animals coming into your home.

Hakuna Matatas:

  • 78% of pet owners buy gifts for their pets.
  • Hakuna Matatas purchase more gifts for their dog than any other segment.
  • Get your dog a Heated Wellness Cushion for a comfortable and quality rest.
  • Provide your dog with a Busy Buddy Toy so play-time lasts longer.

Daily Grinders:

  • The most common arrangement made when a dog owner is away during the day is to leave the dog home alone.
  • Daily Grinders feel a strong emotional connection with their dog, but their dog falls lower on their priority list due to a busy schedule.
  • Install a pet door so your dog can let themselves out for those days when you’re away for long hours.
  • A Healthy Pet Food Station will give your dog access to his or her food at all times you’re out-and-about all day.

Recreational Rookies:

  • The functional aspect of owning a dog, such as running and hiking, is most appealing to Recreational Rookies.
  • 38% of dog owners appreciate the benefit of exercising with their dog.
  • Use a remote trainer so you’re in control of your dog’s behavior when going for a run or doing any other outdoor activity with your dog.
  • Take along a Hydro-Go Pet Canteen to keep your dog hydrated during outdoor activities.

Techno Trainers:

  • More than 6 out of 10 dog owners have used a training product with their dog.
  • Techno Trainers believe it’s their responsibility as a dog owner to provide proper training.
  • Use the sleek and modern Elite Pendant Remote Trainer to show off your dogs’ training skills.
  • Fit your dog for an Easy Walk Harness so your dog doesn’t “pull” during walks and get a nylon leash to go with it to allow for proper use.

Once you know your segment, these recommendations will help you find products that fit the wants and needs of you and your dog. A key part of the pet ownership experience is using the right products, so think about your segment the next time you visit your local pet store!

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