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May 22, 2013

PetSafe® Expert

Stacie Greene

The World According to Cooper: Summer School Blues

By Stacie Greene, PetSafe Supply Chain Specialist pets in summer

Cooper is so excited for summer and all the fun activities in store. What are you and your pet doing this summer?

I hope you all are getting ready for summer time.  I know that I am looking forward to it. Well, for the most part... I love all of the activities of summertime. I love playing with tennis balls, soccer and Frisbee in the back yard, going to the park, playing in the water hose, bobbing for ice cubes in the heat of the day, and eating ice cream late in the evening. 

I also love all of the cookouts that we have; my mom grills great hamburgers and chicken.  I think she is sharing some of her tips in another blog soon, so stay tuned. Anyway, these are the things that make summer great for me.

This year, I am a little down because I don’t know how much of this stuff I will get to do every day like we did last year.  You see, my mom not only works, but she is also in graduate school.  She has been since last summer, but she has been especially busy for the last few months. She does her best to make sure that all of my needs are met, but sometimes our humans don’t know that we feel all of the stress that they do.

So, when work stresses you out or if you are in school or have too much going on, please remember to take a deep breath and play with your furry children.  We will always lower your stress level and make you feel happy again.  That is the magic spell that we cast on our humans. I can tell I am going to have to work some extra magic on mom this summer!! drinkwell fountains

Cooper and Hope loved playing at the photo shoot for our new fountain. They also did a great job posing and drinking out of the fountain.

Just a quick update on something that we shared last month-

 I AM going to be on the box for the new Avalon Fountain.  Look for it online and in stores this fall.  This is sooooo exciting! I promise to always love all of my fans no matter how famous I get! I’ve included a couple of behind the scenes photos for you.

So happy beginning to summer for all of my readers!  Get out there and grill and play with your furry children and watch out for that special puppy magic that we use to get extra playtime and treats!

Written by

Stacie Greene

Stacie Greene

PetSafe® Supply Chain Specialist

PetSafe® Expert

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